Übersetzung für 'masochistically' von Englisch nach Deutsch
masochistically {adv}masochistisch
masochistically {adv}masochistischerweise
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Übersetzung für 'masochistically' von Englisch nach Deutsch

masochistically {adv}

Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • 2 of the Bundesgerichtshof (German Federal Court) ruled that sado-masochistically motivated physical injuries are not per se indecent and thus subject to Section 228.
  • Lucien does not want to find identity through self-reflection which confuses and terrifies him but through the hatred of the other and therefore he masochistically seeks objectification.
  • "Wired" described the game as "masochistically difficult" and "maddeningly compulsive", with the effect of making the player's keyboard similar to the physical skill game of "Twister".
  • This involved almost masochistically taping his torso and piercing his cheeks with pins in order to hold masks, as well as wearing outlandish makeup.
  • The more forceful and restrictive the socialization, the more authoritarian a super-ego will result, and the behavioral result of internalizing these restrictive traditional values is at first learning to masochistically deny and repress certain impulses, then later on the continuously pent-up frustration is acted out as sadistically passing on these restrictive values on to others, which in case of the in-group's intention to inflict in-group values upon a minority out-group as a whole shows as discrimination all over Allport's Scale.

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