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NOUN   a meson | mesons
SYNO meson | mesotron
Meson {n}
B meson
B-Meson {n}
2 Wörter
D meson
D-Meson {n}
eta meson meson>
Eta-Meson {n} <η-Meson>
K meson
K-Meson {n}
meson decay
Mesonenzerfall {m} [auch: Mesonen-Zerfall]
meson production
Mesonenproduktion {f}
mu meson meson> [dated] [muon]
My-Meson {n} <µ-Meson> [veraltet] [Myon]
omega meson meson>
Omega-Meson {n} <ω-Meson>
phi meson meson>
Phi-Meson {n} <φ-Meson>
pi meson meson>
Pi-Meson {n} <π-Meson>
rho meson meson>
Rho-Meson {n} <ρ-Meson>
upsilon meson meson, Υ>
Ypsilon-Meson {n} <Υ-Meson, Υ>
3 Wörter
eta prime meson <η′-Meson>
η′-Meson {n}
J/ψ meson <J/ψ>
J/ψ-Meson {n} <J/ψ>
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  • Meson {n} = meson
  • B-Meson {n} = B meson
  • D-Meson {n} = D meson
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  • and eta prime meson (...) are isosinglet mesons made of a mixture of up, down and strange quarks and their antiquarks.
  • The two photons interact to produce either a vector meson or hadron-antihadron pairs.
  • In 1947, at the Shelter Island Conference, Marshak presented his two-meson hypothesis about the pi-meson, which were discovered shortly thereafter.
  • Marshak presented his two-meson hypothesis about the pi-meson, which were discovered shortly thereafter.
  • Mesons named with the letter "f" are "scalar mesons" (as opposed to a pseudo-scalar meson), and mesons named with the letter "a" are axial-vector mesons (as opposed to an ordinary vector meson) a.k.a.

  • Experiments making precise measurements of B mesons (mesons containing b-quarks) also try to identify the particular initial B meson within the jet.
  • Experimental P-matrix poles are determined reliably in both the meson–meson channels and nucleon–nucleon channels.
  • Since the energy of the electrons and positrons is asymmetric, the B meson pairs are created with a Lorentz boost βγ of 0.425, allowing measurements of the B meson decay times via the distance from the (known) collision point.
  • He is known as one of the developers of the Bonn potential to describe the nucleon–nucleon interaction based upon a comprehensive meson exchange model.
  • The bottom eta meson (...) or eta-b meson is a flavourless meson formed from a bottom quark and its antiparticle.

  • ] meson is much more massive than the [...] meson, the [...] meson is thought to contain a larger component of the relatively heavy strange and anti-strange quarks, than the &eta;&prime; meson does, which appears contradictory.
  • That is, a meson composed of a bottom quark and strange antiquark, the strange [...] meson, can spontaneously change into an bottom antiquark and strange quark pair, the strange [...] meson, and vice versa.
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