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meter after meter {adv} [Am.]Meter um Meter
volume unit meter <VU meter>
vu-Messgerät {n}
volume unit meter <VU meter>
vu-Messer {m}
decibel meter <dB meter>
Dezibelmesser {m}
decibel meter <dB meter>
Dezibelmessgerät {n} <dB-Messgerät>
meterZähler {m}
meterMeßgerät {n} [alt]
meterMessuhr {f} [z. B. zur Durchflussmessung]
meterMessinstrument {n}
meterMessgerät {n}
meterUhr {f} [Wasseruhr, Gasuhr]
heat meter
Messgerät {n} für Wärme [Wärmemengenzähler]
meter readings­Zählerstände {pl}
meter reading
Zählerstand {m}
meter relayMesswerkrelais {n}
contamination meter
Kontaminationsmessgerät {n}
power meter
Stromzähler {m}
drift meter
Abtriftmesser {m}
strain meter
Dehnungs­messer {m}
heat meter
Wärmemengenzähler {m}
pressure meter
Druckmessgerät {n}
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  • Slovenia has several streets and squares named after Tito, notably "Tito Square" in Velenje, incorporating a 10-meter statue.
  • Unrhymed lyrics like Collins' "Ode to Evening" (in the meter of Milton's translation of Horace's "Ode to Pyrrha") were not uncommon after 1740.
  • After the Egyptian–Israeli Peace Treaty 1979, a 100-meter-wide buffer zone between Gaza and Egypt known as the Philadelphi Route was established.
  • This 1,000 meter-long street is named after Duke William of Nassau (German Wilhelm), not Emperor Wilhelm II, as many mistakenly believe.
  • This satellite completed its mission on 3 September 2006, in a controlled collision on the Moon's surface, after a trajectory deviation so scientists could see the 3-meter crater the impact created on the visible side of the Moon.

  • His father was an early aeronautical engineer for the Sopwith Aviation Company during and after World War I and invented a tension meter for setting the tension on aircraft rigging wires.
  • , now a part of Gudensberg near Fritzlar and less than ten miles from Geismar, was likely an ancient religious center; the basaltic outcrop of Gudensberg is named after Wodan, and a two-meter tall quartzite megalith called the "Wotanstein" is at the center of the village.
  • Jazz rhythm guitar often consists of very textural, odd-meter playing that includes generous use of exotic, difficult-to-fret chords.
  • In fact, at one location within the Maria Fold and Thrust Belt, the entire sedimentary sequence of the Grand Canyon appears over a length of less than a meter.
  • Goethe in some early poems, such as "Prometheus" and also Hölderlin used free verse occasionally, due in part to a misinterpretation of the meter used in Pindar's poetry.

  • Events at the championship include 1 meter springboard, 3 meter springboard, and platform, as well as various swimming individual and relay events.
  • Griffith continued to run part-time, winning the 100-meter IAAF Grand Prix Final with the time of 11.00 seconds.
  • He has one of the top 100-meter times by NFL players.
  • The emperor expressed an interest in seeing a model of the building, and a plaster scale model (2 cm per meter) was constructed by Louis Villeminot between April 1862 and April 1863 at a cost of more than 8,000 francs.
  • Radio amateurs may have conducted the first successful transatlantic tests in December 1921, operating in the 200 meter mediumwave band (near 1,500 kHz, inside the modern AM broadcast band), which at that time was the shortest wavelength / highest frequency available to amateur radio.

  • A lirpa is a Vulcan weapon consisting of a wooden staff a little over a meter in length, with a semicircular blade at one end and a metal bludgeon on the other.
  • The song is structured with four verses and a bridge, and uses a complex compound meter.
  • Various Christian writers also adopted the form; Venantius Fortunatus wrote some of his hymns in the meter, while later Alcuin and the Venerable Bede dabbled in the verse.
  • The hexameter came into Latin as an adaptation from Greek long after the practice of singing the epics had faded.
  • His career was affected by a number of injuries from 2001 onwards, although he won the 100 meters bronze and silver in the sprint relay at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

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