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microcomputer systemMicrocomputersystem {n}
microcomputer systemMikrocomputersystem {n}
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  • When it was released (shortly before the IBM PC release) and for a considerable time afterwards it was arguably the most advanced microcomputer system available.
  • In computing, the Tube is the expansion interface and architecture of the BBC Microcomputer System which allows the BBC Micro to communicate with a second processor, or "coprocessor".
  • MYCRO-1 is a microcomputer system based on the microprocessor Intel 8080.
  • Dialog was a microcomputer system developed by Gorenje in 1980s.
  • The opening titles was an animation of an owl – the mascot (and logo) of the BBC Microcomputer system – flying into a domestic living room.
  • The APF Microcomputer System is a second generation 8-bit cartridge-based home video game console released in October 1978 by APF Electronics Inc.
  • Packed pixel displays were common on early microcomputer system that shared a single main memory for both the central processing unit (CPU) and display driver.
  • The M6800 Microcomputer System (latter dubbed the Motorola 6800 family, M6800 family, or 68xx) was a series of 8-bit microprocessors and microcontrollers from Motorola that began with the 6800 CPU.
  • MIL also produced a series of early microcomputers using this chip, including the MIL CPS-1, which may be the earliest example of a microcomputer system that was shipped in completed form, as opposed to a kit that had to be assembled.
  • TRS-80 is the name of Tandy Corporation's original 1977 microcomputer system (also known as the Model I).
  • The game was created by George Geczy and produced and published by JMG Software International, released for the TRS-80 microcomputer system in October 1982.
  • ADFS as implemented in the BBC microcomputer system (and later RISC OS) never had support for single-density floppies.
  • The Tianjin Computer Institute had been active as far back as 1984 when it developed the 16-bit TQ-0671 microcomputer system.
  • The 8080 System Design Kit (SDK-80) of 1975 provided a training and prototype vehicle for evaluation of the Intel 8080 microcomputer system (MCS-80), clocked at 2.048 MHz.
  • General Instrument provided cross-assemblers and simulators/debuggers compatible with 16-bit or larger minicomputers. GI also provided a standalone CP1600 based microcomputer system in the GIC1600.
  • R2E and Warner & Swasey displayed the Micral M multiple microcomputer system at the June 1976 National Computer Conference.
  • IEEE-796: Microcomputer System Bus; First released by Intel in 1974.
  • The VT103 included a cardcage and 4×4 (8-slot) Q-Bus backplane, sufficient to configure a small 16-bit LSI-11 microcomputer system within the case, [...] which could be used like a very slow disk drive.
  • It was originally intended to be used to connect boards to backplanes, as in the [...] modular microcomputer system, A 5120 office computer, A 5130 office computer and the Poly-Play arcade cabinet.
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