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NOUN   a moiré | moirés
moiré {adj}
moiré {adj}
Moiré {m} {n} [Gewebeart mit schillernder Oberfläche]
moiré (effect)
Moiré {m} {n}
moiré effect
Moiré-Effekt {m}
moiré pattern
Moiré-Muster {n}
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  • Moiré {m} {n} [Gewebeart mit schillernder Oberfläche] = moiré
  • Moiré {m} {n} = moiré (effect)
  • Moiré-Effekt {m} = moiré effect
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Spatial aliasing of high-frequency luma or chroma video components shows up as a moiré pattern.
  • Heterostrain can be measured by which provides images showing both the atomic lattice of the first layer and the moiré superlattice.
  • The ribbon is of red moiré pattern with two blue stripes on each side.
  • Precisely aligned graphene on h-BN always produces giant superlattice known as Moiré pattern.
  • Moiré Phase Tracking (MPT) is 3D tracking technology developed by Metria Innovation based on optical moiré patterns.

  • In his Doctoral Thesis on the Moiré method, he extended the Continuum Mechanics model originally developed by Dantu to large deformations.
  • An alternative approach is the retrieval of the differential phase by using Moiré fringes.
  • From its establishment in 1938 to 1943, the medal was secured by a ring through the medal suspension loop to a small rectangular mount covered by a red silk moiré ribbon.
  • A moire, moiré pattern or moiré fringe is an interference pattern.
  • Line moiré is one type of moiré pattern; a pattern that appears when superposing two transparent layers containing correlated opaque patterns.

  • The actual resolution produced by the Bayer sensor is more complicated than the count of its photosites, or its native file size might suggest; the demosaicing and the separate anti-aliasing filter are both commonly used to reduce the occurrence or severity of color moiré patterns that the mosaic characteristic of the Bayer sensor produces.
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