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NOUN   a morning | mornings
SYNO dawn | forenoon | good morning | ...
morning {adj} [attr.] [also pred.] [early morning]morgendlich
Morning. [coll.] [Good morning.]Morgen. [ugs.] [Guten Morgen.]
morning {adj} [attr.]vormittägig
morning {adj} [attr.]vormittäglich
morning {adj} [attr.] [air, chill, dew, etc.]Morgen- [Luft, Kühle, Tau etc.]
morning [early]Morgen {m}
morningVormittag {m}
morning [early]Früh {f} [österr.] [südd.]
2 Wörter: Andere
all-morning {adj} [attr.] [lasting all morning]den ganzen Morgen dauernd
Busy morning.Viel los, heute Morgen.
by morning {adv}am Morgen
by morning {adv}bis zum Morgen
early-morning {adj}frühmorgendlich
every morning {adj} {adv}allmorgendlich
Good morning!Guten Tag! [vormittags]
Good morning! [early]Guten Morgen!
Good morning.Moije! [ugs.] [regional]
mid-morning {adv}vormittags
Morning everyone! [coll.]Morgen allerseits! [ugs.]
one morning {adv}eines Morgens
that morning {adv}an jenem Morgen
this morning {adv}heute früh
this morning {adv}heute Morgen
this morning {adv}heute Vormittag
this morning {adv}heute morgen [alt]
tomorrow morning {adv}morgen früh
tomorrow morning {adv}morgen Früh [bes. österr.]
until morning {adv}bis zum Morgen
yesterday morning {adv}gestern früh
yesterday morning {adv}gestern Morgen
yesterday morning {adv}gestern ... morgens
2 Wörter: Substantive
(early) morningFrühe {f}
(morning) matineevormittägliche Veranstaltung {f}
another morningein neuer Tag {m}
April morningAprilmorgen {m}
August morningAugustmorgen {m}
autumn morningHerbstmorgen {m}
Christmas morningMorgen {m} des ersten Weihnachtsfeiertags
December morningDezembermorgen {m}
early morningMorgenfrühe {f}
fall morning [Am.]Herbstmorgen {m}
February morningFebruarmorgen {m}
Friday morningFreitagmorgen {m}
Friday morningFreitagvormittag {m}
Friday morningFreitagfrüh [ohne Artikel] [bes. österr.]
January morningJanuarmorgen {m}
January morning Jännermorgen {m} [österr., seltener südd., schweiz.]
July morningJulimorgen {m}
June morningJunimorgen {m}
March morningMärzmorgen {m}
May morningMaimorgen {m}
Monday morningMontagmorgen {m}
Monday morningMontagvormittag {m}
Monday morningMontagfrüh [ohne Artikel] [bes. österr.]
morning airMorgenluft {f}
morning assemblyMorgenappell {m}
morning blessing
Morgensegen {m}
morning boner [vulg.] Morgenlatte {f} [salopp] [hum.] [Erektion beim Aufwachen]
morning breakFrühstückspause {f}
morning calmMorgenruhe {f}
morning calmMorgenstille {f}
morning chillMorgenkühle {f}
morning cloud
Morgenwolke {f}
morning coat [Br.] [semi-formal male suit with striped trousers]
Cutaway {m}
morning coffee
Morgenkaffee {m}
morning coldMorgenkälte {f}
morning concert
Morgenkonzert {n}
morning dew
Frühtau {m}
morning dew
Morgentau {m}
morning dramMorgentrunk {m} [Schnaps]
morning dreamMorgentraum {m}
morning dress
Morgenkleid {n}
morning dress [Br.] [suit]
Cutaway {m}
morning dress [ladies]
Hauskleid {n}
morning edition
Morgenausgabe {f}
morning flight
Morgenflug {m}
morning gift
Morgengabe {f}
morning glory [sl.] [hum.] [penile erection upon waking] Morgenlatte {f} [salopp] [hum.] [Erektion beim Aufwachen]
morning greetingMorgengruß {m}
morning grouch [coll.]Morgenmuffel {m} [ugs.]
morning hikeMorgenwanderung {f}
morning hourMorgenstunde {f}
morning hourVormittagsstunde {f}
morning hoursMorgenstunden {pl}
morning hoursVormittagsstunden {pl}
morning jog
Morgenlauf {m}
morning journal
Morgenjournal {n}
morning latte [coll.]
morgendlicher Milchkaffee {m} [nach italienischer Art]
morning lightMorgenschein {m}
morning magazine
Morgenmagazin {n}
morning mailMorgenpost {f}
morning marketVormittagsbörse {f}
morning mass
Frühmette {f}
morning mass
Morgenmesse {f}
morning massesFrühmetten {pl}
morning matineeVormittagsvorstellung {f}
morning mealFrühmahlzeit {f}
morning meal
Morgenfütterung {f}
morning meditation
Morgenmeditation {f}
morning milk
Morgenmilch {f}
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Übersetzung für 'morning' von Englisch nach Deutsch

morning {adj} [attr.] [also pred.] [early morning]
Morning. [coll.] [Good morning.]
Morgen. [ugs.] [Guten Morgen.]
morning {adj} [attr.]

morning {adj} [attr.] [air, chill, dew, etc.]
Morgen- [Luft, Kühle, Tau etc.]

morning [early]
Morgen {m}

Früh {f} [österr.] [südd.]
Vormittag {m}

all-morning {adj} [attr.] [lasting all morning]
den ganzen Morgen dauernd
Busy morning.
Viel los, heute Morgen.
by morning {adv}
am Morgen

bis zum Morgen
early-morning {adj}
every morning {adj} {adv}
Good morning!
Guten Tag! [vormittags]
Good morning! [early]
Guten Morgen!
Good morning.
Moije! [ugs.] [regional]
mid-morning {adv}
Morning everyone! [coll.]
Morgen allerseits! [ugs.]
one morning {adv}
eines Morgens
that morning {adv}
an jenem Morgen
this morning {adv}
heute früh

heute Morgen

heute Vormittag

heute morgen [alt]
tomorrow morning {adv}
morgen früh

morgen Früh [bes. österr.]
until morning {adv}
bis zum Morgen
yesterday morning {adv}
gestern früh

gestern Morgen

gestern ... morgens

(early) morning
Frühe {f}
(morning) matinee
vormittägliche Veranstaltung {f}
another morning
ein neuer Tag {m}
April morning
Aprilmorgen {m}
August morning
Augustmorgen {m}
autumn morning
Herbstmorgen {m}
Christmas morning
Morgen {m} des ersten Weihnachtsfeiertags
December morning
Dezembermorgen {m}
early morning
Morgenfrühe {f}
fall morning [Am.]
Herbstmorgen {m}
February morning
Februarmorgen {m}
Friday morning
Freitagmorgen {m}

Freitagvormittag {m}

Freitagfrüh [ohne Artikel] [bes. österr.]
January morning
Januarmorgen {m}

Jännermorgen {m} [österr., seltener südd., schweiz.]
July morning
Julimorgen {m}
June morning
Junimorgen {m}
March morning
Märzmorgen {m}
May morning
Maimorgen {m}
Monday morning
Montagmorgen {m}

Montagvormittag {m}

Montagfrüh [ohne Artikel] [bes. österr.]
morning air
Morgenluft {f}
morning assembly
Morgenappell {m}
morning blessing
Morgensegen {m}relig.
morning boner [vulg.]
Morgenlatte {f} [salopp] [hum.] [Erektion beim Aufwachen]
morning break
Frühstückspause {f}
morning calm
Morgenruhe {f}

Morgenstille {f}
morning chill
Morgenkühle {f}
morning cloud
Morgenwolke {f}meteo.
morning coat [Br.] [semi-formal male suit with striped trousers]
Cutaway {m}cloth.
morning coffee
Morgenkaffee {m}gastr.
morning cold
Morgenkälte {f}
morning concert
Morgenkonzert {n}mus.
morning dew
Frühtau {m}meteo.

Morgentau {m}meteo.
morning dram
Morgentrunk {m} [Schnaps]
morning dream
Morgentraum {m}
morning dress
Morgenkleid {n}cloth.
morning dress [Br.] [suit]
Cutaway {m}cloth.
morning dress [ladies]
Hauskleid {n}cloth.hist.
morning edition
Morgenausgabe {f}journ.publ.
morning flight
Morgenflug {m}aviat.
morning gift
Morgengabe {f}hist.
morning glory [sl.] [hum.] [penile erection upon waking]
Morgenlatte {f} [salopp] [hum.] [Erektion beim Aufwachen]
morning greeting
Morgengruß {m}
morning grouch [coll.]
Morgenmuffel {m} [ugs.]
morning hike
Morgenwanderung {f}
morning hour
Morgenstunde {f}

Vormittagsstunde {f}
morning hours
Morgenstunden {pl}

Vormittagsstunden {pl}
morning jog
Morgenlauf {m}sports
morning journal
Morgenjournal {n}journ.
morning latte [coll.]
morgendlicher Milchkaffee {m} [nach italienischer Art]gastr.
morning light
Morgenschein {m}
morning magazine
Morgenmagazin {n}journ.
morning mail
Morgenpost {f}
morning market
Vormittagsbörse {f}
morning mass
Frühmette {f}relig.

Morgenmesse {f}relig.
morning masses
Frühmetten {pl}
morning matinee
Vormittagsvorstellung {f}
morning meal
Frühmahlzeit {f}

Morgenfütterung {f}equest.VetMed.
morning meditation
Morgenmeditation {f}relig.
morning milk
Morgenmilch {f}agr.FoodInd.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The "92 KQRS Morning Show" (also known as the KQ Morning Crew) is a popular, long-running radio morning show originating from KQRS-FM in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • "Ipomoea nil" is a species of "Ipomoea" morning glory known by several common names, including picotee morning glory, ivy morning glory, and Japanese morning glory (although it is not native to Japan).
  • The market is held Wednesday morning and Saturday morning.
  • Jeffcoat was a morning anchor at KRIV in Houston, TX from November 2004 to June 2007. During her time at KRIV, the morning show became Houston's fastest growing morning news.
  • On June 5, 2000, WPIX launched a weekday morning newscast, the "WB11 Morning News" (now the "PIX 11 Morning News"), which has grown to challenge the established network morning programs as well as its more direct competitor, WNYW's "Good Day New York".
  • Since 2018, CBY has cooperated with CBG in Gander to produce "CBC Newfoundland Morning", a local morning show focused on central and western Newfoundland, the Great Northern Peninsula, and southern Labrador.
  • "CBS This Morning" did not produce a Sunday edition as a result of the long-running "CBS News Sunday Morning", a newsmagazine that debuted in 1979 (and is a remnant of a short-lived reformatting of the original "CBS Morning News" broadcast that lasted until 1982).
  • Morning sky, also known as Morning blue is a representation of the color of the morning sky.
  • On weekdays, WCQS takes NPR's "Morning Edition" from 5 till 9 each morning. The station's local Morning Classical Music program, with Chip Kauffman, airs from 9 to 12.
  • On January 16, 2012, WRLH-TV launched a new one-hour weekday morning newscast at called "Fox Richmond Morning News."
  • In 2002, the Hallmark Channel premiered a weekday morning talk show, "New Morning".
  • Saim Ali also hosted morning show of channel Aplus "Good Morning Zindagi" and did several morning shows and hosted awards events like "IPP Awards" in London and Oslo.
  • Morning Gloryville originally named Morning Glory, is a sober, drug-free morning rave.
  • Abdi anchors the overnight/early morning "World News Now" and "America This Morning" with Kenneth Moton.
  • In 2018 the stadium signed a deal with SIS to race every Tuesday morning and evening, Thursday afternoon, Friday morning and Saturday morning.
  • Global News Morning on Global Regina airs weekdays from 6am to 9am local time.
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