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NOUN   a mustard flower | mustard flowers
mustard flowers [family Brassicaceae, formerly Cruciferae]
Kreuzblütler {pl}
mustard flowers [family Brassicaceae, formerly Cruciferae]
Kreuzblütengewächse {pl}
mustard flowers [family Brassicaceae, formerly Cruciferae]
Kreuzblütlergewächse {pl}
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  • Out of the clump grow erect stems topped with dense inflorescences of hairy mustard-yellow flowers.
  • The flowers are mustard-yellow and bear plentiful thready stamens which form a cloud about the inflorescence.
  • "Euchloe ausonides", the large marble It lays eggs on the terminal flower buds of a variety of plants in the mustard family, including introduced Eurasian species, and the larvae feed on the buds, flowers and fruit of these plants.
  • Devotees worship to all nine planets here and they offer Mustard oil and flowers to Lord Shani at the temple during their prayers.
  • According to Christian Isobel Johnstone, the mutton could be served on the side as a "bouilli" with caper sauce, parsley and butter, pickled cucumbers, or nasturtiums (edible flowers) with mustard and vinegar.
  • The fire created a challenge to native plants as black mustard with bright yellow flowers quickly established itself as a wet winter followed the fire.
  • The pseudoflowers are borne from basal leaf rosettes of the host mustard and mimic the yellow, early spring corollae of distantly related wildflowers (e.g. ...
  • "Cardamine lyrata", known commonly as Japanese cress and Chinese ivy, is a species of aquatic plant in the mustard family.
  • The body faces north. Mustard oil and tulsi leaves are put on the eyes of the dead body.
  • In addition, small producers sell handmade mustard, jam, or oils up to mead.
  • It is distinct from the mustard plants which belong to the genus "Brassica".
  • Many major agricultural crops are attacked by flea beetles, including various cruciferous plants such as mustard and rapeseed (particularly canola in northwestern North America).
  • It is the only family outside Brassicales that produces mustard oils.
  • The leaves, best when young, taste of both garlic and mustard.
  • Examples of racemes occur on mustard (genus "Brassica") and radish (genus "Raphanus") plants.
  • "Camelina microcarpa" is a species of flowering plant in the mustard family known by several common names, including littlepod false flax lesser gold-of-pleasure and small seed false flax.
  • The host plants are from the mustard or cabbage family, Brassicaceae.
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