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[we/they/you] mustn't[wir/sie/Sie] dürfen nicht
[you] mustn't[du] darfst nicht
[you] mustn't [said to two or more people][ihr] dürft nicht
sb. mustn'tjd. darf nicht
3 Wörter
(I) mustn't grumble. [coll.]Ich kann nicht klagen.
(I) mustn't grumble. [coll.]Ich kann mich nicht beklagen.
4 Wörter
I also mustn't forget ...Ich darf auch nicht vergessen ...
5+ Wörter
You mustn't be so critical.Du musst fünfe gerade sein lassen. [Redewendung]
You mustn't forget to remind me to call her.Erinnere mich unbedingt daran, sie anzurufen!
You mustn't let it be said of you that ... [said to two or more people]Ihr dürft euch nicht nachsagen lassen, dass ...
You mustn't let on to anyone.Du darfst es niemandem verraten.
You mustn't take such a narrow view. [fig.]Das darfst du nicht so eng sehen. [fig.]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Sophie insists they mustn't tell Donna anything ("The Name of the Game") and finally, Bill agrees.
  • Denis tells her "what's not to love" and that she mustn't forget that.
  • The "Stars official motto, "Illegitimus non Carborundum", is a Dog Latin aphorism meaning "You mustn't let the bastards grind you down".
  • The relevance the video has to the song is from the lyrics "Slow down little one, you can't keep running away / You mustn't go outside yet, it's not your time to play / Standing at the edge of your town with the skyline in your eyes / Reaching up to God, the sun says its goodbyes".
  • He also revealed the reason why the JX used the 8088 processor was both the development and sales teams thought a consumer-class JX mustn't surpass a business-class 5550.

  • 'Our religion is for every day we live, every living moment. You mustn't ever raise your voice or call out... people outside might hear you...
  • Maertens said what he called the "big boss" patron", since dead, at Campagnolo in his biography as Tullio Campagnolo drove beside the group and shouted "Sort it out between you but Shimano mustn't be allowed to win the championship".
  • ("You mustn't endure so sincerely well the injustice that doesn't affect yourself! ...
  • Most of the modals have contracted negated forms in "n't" which are commonly used in informal English: "can't", "mustn't", "won't" (from "will"), etc.
  • The competing entries mustn't have been released partially or in full before the 1st of September of the previous year (ex. ...

  • In Mack's interviews one fifth-grader tells how he was warned "about something that's going to happen," and that "pollution mustn't be".
  • A very common wedding superstition to this day is that the groom mustn't see the bride before the wedding.
  • Regarding the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), Macron stated in June 2016 that "the conditions sign the treaty are not met", adding that "we mustn't close the door entirely" and "need a strong link with the US".
  • Lyrically, the song insists that you mustn't wear dressclothes when marrying someone, and the shoes can still remain inside the bus, because the important thing according to the lyrics is love being right and correct.
  • It becomes obvious to Louis' friends that Louis and Rose are romantically interested in each other, but Louis insists that a coach mustn't distract his student.

  • This superstition held that you mustn't "mix milk of one quarter with that of another quarter, lest their cows should be blinked, as it is believed that mixing the milk is the reason of so many cows being blinked".
  • The line break 'must/n't' allows a double reading of the word as both 'must' and 'mustn't', whereby the reader is made aware that old age both enjoins and forbids the activities of youth.
  • But "you mustn't expect it to wait for your convenience," he warns the dissolute "younger generation"; "the real deluge lies just ahead of us".
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