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ADJ   mystical | more mystical | most mystical
SYNO mysterious | mystic | mystical | ...
mystical {adj}geheimnisvoll
mystical {adj}mystisch
mystical {adj}
mystizistisch [geh.] [oft pej.]
(mystical) annihilation
Entwerdung {f}
mystical body of Christ
mystischer Leib {m} Christi [corpus Christi mysticum]
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  • Maggy Whitehouse is an author and teacher of the Judaic mystical system of Kabbalah with particular reference to the mystical interpretation of the teachings of Jesus and the place and role of women in the Bible era.
  • Stace's schema of mystical experience formed the basis for the most commonly cited scale to measure reports of mystical experience, Ralph W. Hood's Mysticism-scale.
  • Christian mysticism refers to the development of mystical practices and theory within Christianity.
  • Mystical theology is the branch of theology in the Christian tradition that explains mystical practices and states, as induced by contemplative practices such as contemplative prayer, called theoria from the Greek for contemplation.
  • Sufi poetry emerged as a form of mystical Islamic devotional literature that expresses themes such as divine love and the mystical union between man and God, often through the metaphors of secular love poetry.
  • Scholarly approaches to mysticism include typologies of mysticism and the explanation of mystical states.
  • "truth") is one of "the four stages" in Sufism, "shari’a" (exoteric path), "tariqa" (esoteric path), "haqiqa" (mystical truth) and "marifa" (final mystical knowledge, "unio mystica").
  • He also possesses various mystical abilities such as spell casting through mystical training, though he rarely uses them. He possesses extensive knowledge of Native American magic.
  • Marvel characters who practice the mystical arts and/or are considered mystical beings will fall under the "Mystic" category.
  • Christian mysticism refers to the development of mystical practices and theory within Christianity.
  • In the early sixth century the so-called "Corpus Dionysiacum", a series of writings of a mystical nature, employing Neoplatonic language to elucidate Christian theological and mystical ideas, was ascribed to the Areopagite.
  • Richard Jones draws a distinction between "anticonstructivism" and "perennialism": constructivism can be rejected with respect to a certain class of mystical experiences without ascribing to a perennialist philosophy on the relation of mystical doctrines.
  • Some of these midrashim entail mystical teachings. The presentation is such that the midrash is a simple lesson to the uninitiated, and a direct allusion, or analogy, to a mystical teaching for those educated in this area.
  • Sundén's role theory as applied to mystical experience is discussed by Wulff (2000).
  • Aleph also begins the three words that make up God's mystical name in Exodus, I Am who I Am (in Hebrew, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh [...]), and aleph is an important part of mystical amulets and formulas.
  • The "Bahir" contains commentaries explaining the mystical significance of Biblical verses; the mystical significance of the shapes of the Hebrew letters; the mystical significance of the cantillation signs and vowel points on the letters; the mystical significance of statements in the "Sefer Yetzirah" ("Book of Creation"); and the use of sacred names in magic.
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