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NOUN   a myth of origin | myths of origin
myth of origin
Ursprungs­mythos {m}
origin myth
Ursprungs­mythos {m}
origin myth [of a state etc.]Gründungs­mythos {m}
myth of Orpheus
Orpheusmythos {m}
realm of mythSagenwelt {f}
theory of mythMythostheorie {f}
The Myth of Sisyphus [Albert Camus]
Der Mythos von Sisyphos
myth of Etana [also: Myth of Etana]
Etana-Mythos {m}
rules of origin
Ursprungs­regeln {pl}
point of originEntstehungs­ort {m}
proof of originHerkunftsnachweis {m}
country of origin
Erzeugerland {n}
point of originHerkunft {f}
place of originBürgerort {m} [schweiz.]
culture of originHerkunftskultur {f}
family of origin
Herkunftsfamilie {f}
region of originUrsprungs­region {f}
designation of origin
Ursprungs­bezeichnung {f}
origin of man
Abstammung {f} des Menschen
countries of originUrsprungs­länder {pl}
certificate of originUrsprungs­zeugnis {n}
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  • An Al-Haram myth of origin asserts that they were originally protectors of the Kaaba in the Sacred Mosque or Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.
  • The cosmology of the Mandé peoples of the northwest is described in their myth of origin, variants of which are retold throughout the region.
  • The eponym Argaeus for the dynasty (the "Argead dynasty") was used to maintain the myth of origin from Argos.
  • They comprise the Agamudayar, Kallar and Maravar communities that share a common myth of origin and claim to have once been members of various ancient South Indian dynasties.
  • One Greek myth of origin of the caduceus is part of the story of Tiresias, The Customs Service of the former German Democratic Republic employed the caduceus, bringing its implied associations with thresholds, translators, and commerce, in the service medals they issued their staff.

  • It appeared in 1993 as "Nkumbi initiation ritual and structure among the Mbo of Zaïre" and as "Asa: Myth of Origin of the Blood Brotherhood Among the Mbo of the Ituri Forest", both in "Annales" of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren, Belgium), vol.
  • While the following works are considered histories, they recount what would become a common myth of origin for the Welsh.
  • Mostly literate and educated, the Maharashtrian members of the Shaiva Gurav developed a myth of origin in the early 19th century and prefer to call themselves "Shaiva".
  • ” The American frontier became the nation's most sacred myth of origin.
  • Members of the community developed a myth of origin, claiming that they are originally from Kazakhstan and that they were the only surviving kshatriyas following Parashurama's cleansing of the earth, thus enabling them to become kings.

  • Joseph Towles (August 17, 1937 – December 19, 1988) was an African American anthropologist and author of the books "Nkumbi Initiation" and "Asa: Myth of Origin of the Blood Brotherhood Among the Mbo of the Ituri Forest".
  • A myth of origin of Goddess Pendrani; followed by a complex ritual, is found in these areas.
  • In 1991, Fennell wrote a pamphlet challenging the prevalent critical view of Seamus Heaney as a poet of the first rank; in 2003 he wrote a small book where he revised the standard account of European history, and in 2007, his essay "Beyond Vasari’s Myth of Origin" offered a new version of its early history.
  • In Cook Islands mythology, Avatea (also known as Vatea; meaning 'noon' or 'light') was a lunar deity and the father of gods and men in Mangaian myth of origin.
  • As the myth of origin told, humans were parts of nature; they were made of it, so they had to live in total submission to its laws (Nasroen 1967:30).

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