Übersetzung für 'mythic' von Englisch nach Deutsch
ADJ   mythic | more mythic | most mythic
SYNO fabulous | mythic | mythical | ...
mythic {adj}
the mythicdas Mythische {n}
mythic thoughtmythisches Denken {n}
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Übersetzung für 'mythic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

mythic {adj}

the mythic
das Mythische {n}

mythic thought
mythisches Denken {n}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The "Alexander Romance" presents a mythic variant of Bucephalus's origin.
  • Both Balfour Paul and Maxwell agree that this origin tale is mythic, but do contest that William of Douglas was active at the time of the real rebellion of the Meic Uilleim, under their chief Domnall mac Uilleim.
  • Hall has shown that the mythic cycle of Red Horn and his sons has some interesting analogies with the Hero Twins mythic cycle of Mesoamerica.
  • Windling promoted mythic fiction as the co-editor (with Ellen Datlow) of "The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror" annual volumes for sixteen years, and as the editor of the Endicott Studio "Journal of Mythic Arts".
  • "Annwn: The Otherworld" is a surreal stealth/strategy game drawing on Welsh mythic motifs.

  • Cerberus is a mythic multi-headed dog.
  • The editing, music, and the mythic narrative arc of the material is designed to take the viewer on a roller coaster tour of the human body and life cycle.
  • Chico Rei is a semi-mythic heroic figure from the slave trade in Brazil.
  • To establish Walker's mythic stature, Soderbergh noted in the commentary, the film cuts from a shot of Walker swimming from Alcatraz to a shot of him on a ferry overlooking the same island while a woman on the loudspeaker describes the impossibility of leaving the island.
  • Peredur appears as a mythic archetype in Robert Holdstock's novel "Mythago Wood".

  • Her subjects include recurring mythic symbols, such as the female form, empty clothing, and desiccated botanicals.
  • The pre-mythic phase occurs during childhood, whereby material is being gathered for what later becomes part of the narrative.
  • • Mixes the mythic and the mundane to create socially relevant, visually poetic theatre.
  • The mountains are also associated with the mythic figure of Orpheus.
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