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ADJ   mythical | more mythical | most mythical
SYNO fabulous | mythic | mythical | ...
mythical {adj}fantastisch
mythical {adj}
mythical {adj}phantastisch
mythical {adj}mythenhaft
mythical {adj}(frei) erfunden
the mythicaldas Mythische {n}
2 Wörter
mythical bird
mythischer Vogel {m}
mythical creature
Fabeltier {n}
mythical creature
Sagentier {n}
mythical creature
Fabelwesen {n}
mythical creature
Wunderwesen {n} [selten] [Fabelwesen]
3 Wörter
mythical first king
Urkönig {m}
12 Übersetzungen
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  • The Scots, for instance, formulated a mythical history in the Pictish and the Dál Riata royal lines.
  • Many of the legendary members of this mythical king's family became leading characters of mythical tales in their own right.
  • The Santa Compaña ("Holy Company") is a deep-rooted mythical belief in rural northwest of Iberia: Galicia, Asturias (Spain) and Northern Portugal.
  • In his book entitled "The Last Queen of Atlantis" (Die letzte Königin von Atlantis) he equated the mythical northern land Thule to the origins of humanity.
  • The "Shahnameh", the national epic of Iran, is a mythical and heroic retelling of Persian history.

  • The AP and UP(I) Polls awarded Mythical State Football Championships from 1937 to 1972.
  • Chungmu Halmae, or "Chungmu Grandmother", is a mythical old woman from Chungmu who gave her name to Chungmu Halmae Kimbap, a common Korean snack food.
  • Mythical beings include gods, goddesses, mythical creatures and many others.
  • Teucer is the mythical founder of the city of Pontevedra.
  • Ceremonial crematory hearses are often constructed for the cremation, often featuring mythical animals.

  • Connie Lionheart is sent to live with her eccentric aunt Evelyn who she finds out is part of an organisation called the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures (or just the Society for short).
  • It is believed that Kai Kobad, mythical Iranian king had lived in a fort located in Shirpala before ascending to the throne with the help of Rostam another Iranian mythical figure.
  • A stucco of a "makara" (a mythical sea creature from Indian mythology, blending crocodile, dolphin and elephant features) with a "nāga" protruding from its mouth was found associated with a stairway.
  • Yao Grass (瑶草) is a type of mythical plant which appears in Chinese mythology, of which there were two types.
  • In Greek mythology Nysa is a mythical mountain with an unknown location.

  • A wide variety of mythical creatures are found in Burmese mythology.
  • Baijini are a mythical people mentioned in the Djanggawul song cycle of the Yolngu people, an Aboriginal Australian people of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.
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