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NOUN   a mythographer | mythographers
Mythenforscher {m}
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Übersetzung für 'mythographer' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Mythenforscher {m}myth.
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  • Gruppe was born in Danzig (Gdańsk) and died in Berlin. His son was the mythographer Otto Gruppe (1851–1901).
  • Note: An earlier author, Photius of Constantinople, attributes this to Ptolemy Chennus (a Greek mythographer active 1st to 2nd century AD?).
  • Bill Lewis (born 1953) is an English Stuckist artist, poet, publisher and mythographer.
  • German mythographer Karl Blind noted that Manx glashtin or elashtan "attacks lonely women" as is the case with the Shetlandic nuggle and the Scottish kelpie.
  • While mentioning Cerberus and "other monsters" as being the offspring of Echidna and Typhon, the mythographer Acusilaus (6th century BC) adds the Caucasian Eagle that ate the liver of Prometheus.

  • The Greek historian Diodorus Siculus (first century BC), the Roman mythographer Hyginus (c.
  • According to the sixth-century mythographer Acusilaus, Achelous was the "oldest and most honoured" of the river-god offspring of Oceanus.
  • Born in London, Shawcross is the son of biographer William Shawcross and the novelist, mythographer and cultural historian Marina Warner.
  • Marina Warner, novelist and mythographer, is his granddaughter.
  • His religious belief has been examined by Patrick Grant, "Belief in anarchy: Robert Graves as mythographer," in "Six Modern Authors and Problems of Belief".

  • According to the mythographer Apollodorus, the mother of Phoroneus, and Aegialeus, by her brother, the river god Inachus, was also a daughter of Oceanus named Melia.
  • German classical scholar Johann Albert Fabricius suggested that this Antiochus was, perhaps, the same man as the mythographer Antiochus, who wrote a work on mythical traditions arranged according to the places where they were current.
  • Samuel Shuckford (1693?–1754) was an English cleric, antiquarian, and mythographer.
  • His brother Boris Uspensky is a distinguished Russian philologist and mythographer.
  • It was the place of origin of Asclepiades of Tragilus, a mythographer of the fourth century BCE.

  • Vincenzo Cartari (c. 1531 – 1590) was a mythographer, secretary, and diplomat of the Italian Renaissance, studied by Jean Seznec and scholars of the Warburg Institute.
  • Abram Smythe Palmer (1844 – 10 July 1917) was a doctor of divinity, lecturer at Trinity College Dublin, and enthusiastic lexicographer and mythographer.
  • Fulgentius, a mythographer of the late 5th to early 6th century AD, gave the unlikely etymology meaning "best voice," "Oraia-phonos".
  • Scottish author and mythographer Lewis Spence propounded his theories about the Druidic alphabet in his 1945 publication "The Magic Arts in Celtic Britain".[...].
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