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NOUN   a mythological figure | mythological figures
mythological figure
Mythengestalt {f}
mythological figure
mythologische Gestalt {f}
mythological {adj}mythologisch
mythological {adj}
mythological creature
Sagenwesen {n}
mythological storySage {f}
mythological king
Sagenkönig {m}
mythological hero
Sagenheld {m}
mythological cryptozoology
mythologische Kryptozoologie {f}
Hofstadter Figure-Figure sequence
Hofstadters Figur-Figur-Folge {f}
seven-sided figure <7-sided figure>
Siebeneck {n}
six-sided figure <6-sided figure>
Sechseck {n}
five-sided figure <5-sided figure>
Fünfeck {n}
eleven-sided figure <11-sided figure>
Elfeck {n}
eight-sided figure <8-sided figure>
Achteck {n}
four-sided figure <4-sided figure>
Viereck {n}
three-sided figure <3-sided figure>
Dreieck {n}
nine-sided figure <9-sided figure>
Neuneck {n}
ten-sided figure <10-sided figure>
Zehneck {n}
twelve-sided figure <12-sided figure>
Zwölfeck {n}
-figure {adj}-stellig
Phrase {f}
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  • In the novel, Perdita (meaning "the lost one") is a mythological figure who brings biophilia to humanity.
  • Eliade reinterpreted the Greek mythological figure Iphigeneia in his eponymous 1941 play.
  • The Marvel Comics "Thor" character of Brunnhilde/Valkyrie is based on the Norse mythological figure of the same name and has appeared in films, animated shows and games.
  • But as with Tailtiu, this mythological figure likely derives its name from the place-name.
  • This Macha is particularly associated with horses—it is perhaps significant that twin colts were born on the same day as Cúchulainn, and that one of his chariot-horses was called Liath Macha or "Macha's Grey"—and she is often compared with the Welsh mythological figure Rhiannon.

  • Nuada's name is cognate with that of Nodens, a British deity associated with the sea and healing who was equated with the Roman Mars, and with Nudd, a Welsh mythological figure.
  • The name "Procas" or "Proca" may be related to the mythological figure Prochyte, a kinswoman of Aeneas who died when the fleet carrying the refugees of Troy to Italy was within sight of the coast.
  • ... "damazein" "to tame") was a Greek mythological figure.
  • It takes its name from the mythological figure Arcas.
  • Seen as a creature who could control a man's reason, female singers became associated with the mythological figure of the siren, who usually took a half-human, half-animal form somewhere on the cusp between nature and culture.

  • was a Greek mythological figure, most famous for his punishment in Tartarus: he was made to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree with low branches, with the fruit ever eluding his grasp, and the water always receding before he could take a drink.
  • The coastal town of Scilla in Calabria takes its name from the mythological figure of Scylla and it is said to be the home of the nymph.
  • The word "satire" derives from "satura", and its origin was not influenced by the Greek mythological figure of the "satyr".
  • In modern times, the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung defined the mythological figure of Proteus as a personification of the unconscious, who, because of his gift of prophecy and shape-changing, has much in common with the central but elusive figure of alchemy, Mercurius.
  • This Neoplatonism of late Roman antiquity was especially stressed by Tertullian who recognised both difference and similarity of the biblical deity with the mythological figure of Prometheus.

  • In Crete, "Rhea" is the mythological figure, goddess of the mountains, paralleling Parvati; while in some mythologies from islands of Greece, the terrifying goddess mirroring Parvati is "Diktynna" (also called Britomartis).
  • Votan [...] is a legendary or mythological figure mentioned in early European accounts of the Maya civilization.
  • No other literary source mentions Erulus; he may be Vergil's pure invention, based on the mythological figure Geryon, or given that his mother's cult is represented only sparsely in literary sources, he may belong to an archaic tradition to which no other reference survives.
  • is a mythological figure. She is the youngest of the Three Fates or Moirai who spins the thread of human life; the other two draw out (Lachesis) and cut (Atropos) in ancient Greek mythology.
  • The title was chosen late in the poem's gestation; it refers to the youngest of the three "Parcae" (the minor Roman deities also called "The Fates"), though for some readers the connection with that mythological figure is tenuous and problematic.

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