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NOUN   a mythological king | mythological kings
mythological king
Sagenkönig {m}
mythological {adj}mythologisch
mythological {adj}
mythological creature
Sagenwesen {n}
mythological hero
Sagenheld {m}
mythological cryptozoology
mythologische Kryptozoologie {f}
mythological storySage {f}
mythological figure
Mythengestalt {f}
mythological figure
mythologische Gestalt {f}
king / king's cake
Königskuchen {m}
All the king's horses // And all the king's men // Couldn't put Humpty together again. [from nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty"]
Und auch der König mit seinem Heer // rettete Humpty Dumpty nicht mehr. [aus dem Kinderreim: "Humpty Dumpty"]
Celebes king starling / king-starling [Basilornis celebensis]
Königsatzel / Königs-Atzel {f}
king's-cureall / king's cureall / cure-all [Oenothera biennis]
(Gewöhnliche) Nachtkerze {f}
king's-cureall / king's cureall / cure-all [Oenothera biennis]
Gemeine Nachtkerze {f}
king-of-the-meadow / king of the meadow [Thalictrum pubescens, syn.: T. polygamum]
Große Wiesenraute {f}
kingKini {m} [österr. und bayer. für: König]
kingKönig {m}
king pinDrehzapfen {m}
King Emperor
König und Kaiser [Herrscher über Großbritannien und Indien]
king prawns
Hummerkrabben {pl}
Merovingian king
Merowingerkönig {m}
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  • Beowulf for example is a mythological king in training in the epic tradition, because he fights "a strenuous battle against the disorganization of the universe."
  • The origin of the gulf's name comes from the mythological king Saron who drowned at the Psifaei lake (modern Psifta).
  • Tharaka (...) was a mythological king from Sri Lanka.
  • The name alludes to the mythological King Midas, renowned for his ability to turn anything he touched into gold.
  • Phineus is a Greek mythological king of Thrace, visited by Jason and the Argonauts.

  • A very few ascribes the origin of Patna to a mythological king, "Putraka", who created Patna by a magic stroke for his queen "Patali", literally Trumpet flower, which gives it its ancient name "Pataligram".
  • The company was named Cygnus Multimedia Productions, taking the name from mythological king Cycnus of Liguria "because it sounded cool" and started out by creating artwork for video games of other developers.
  • The mythological King Midas (738-696 BC?) is said to have ruled a greater Phrygian realm from Pessinus, but archaeological research since 1967 showed that the city developed around 400 BC at the earliest, which contradicts any historical claim of early Phrygian roots.
  • Dhanvantari is also identified as the great-grandfather of Divodasa, a mythological King of Kashi in the Vishnu Purana.
  • The species is named from the mythological King Minos.

  • "Cycnus" literally means swan, but more likely the name refers to the mythological King of Liguria, the region the train served.
  • ... Ancient Greek: Άμβραξ) was a Greek mythological king of the city of Ambracia located in the region in Epirus in ancient Greece.
  • In a foundational myth, the city was associated with Teucer, mythological king of Salamis.
  • ... also spelled Eacus; Ancient Greek: Αἰακός) was a mythological king of the island of Aegina in the Saronic Gulf.
  • Neleus ([...]; Ancient Greek: Νηλεύς) was a mythological king of Pylos. In some accounts, he was also counted as an Argonaut instead of his son, Nestor.

  • Cylarabes ([...]; [...]), or Cylarabos, or Cylasabos, son of Sthenelus, was a mythological king of Argos.
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