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mythologically {adv}mythologisch
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Übersetzung für 'mythologically' von Englisch nach Deutsch

mythologically {adv}
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  • Along the border of the lake, there was mythologically 7 ports, and Emperor Jinmu was said to play in the neighborhood of one of the ports, Oojikou.
  • Another well is described in the dindsenchas about Boann, in the text as ("Secret Well") mythologically given as the origin of the River Boyne.
  • Bixia is mythologically connected with motherhood and fertility. She is currently a popular goddess.
  • Dharampuri is that it is at the river side of Narmada and was the birthplace of Rani Roop Mati who is mythologically the daughter of Maa Narmada and was wedded at Mandu with the emperor Baj Bahadoor.
  • They sometimes explained them mythologically, as the result of Rome being a Greek colony speaking a debased dialect.

  • The name Ehime comes from the "kuniumi" part of the "Kojiki" where Iyo Province is mythologically named Ehime, "lovely princess".
  • His best-known work is "Un Nos Ola Leuad" (1961), set in a mythologically subversive version of his native area. The novel was made into a film in 1991 by the Gaucho Company.
  • In 2010, Masami Kurumada was contacted by Warner Brothers to collaborate in a project for Leterrier's mythologically themed motion picture "Clash of the Titans", remake of the original 1981 film.
  • The Government of Manipur developed Marjing Polo Statue, the world's tallest equestrian statue of a polo player, standing inside the Marjing Polo Complex, which is on the hilltop of the Heingang Ching, being historically, mythologically and religiously associated with the game of polo (...).
  • Of the two, the conflict at Zhoulu is the more mythologically replete: both offensive and defensive weapons are described, along with countermeasures.

  • According to Padma Bhushan winner Suniti Kumar Chatterjee, mythologically, Boros are "the offspring of son of the Vishnu (Baraha) and Mother-Earth (Basumati)" who were termed "Kiratas" during the Epic period.
  • The folklore image of Sihirtia might have mythologically imprinted features of a real people (probably of Samoyedic or Paleo-Siberian origin) who lived in Europe and West Siberian tundra in antiquity.
  • Maddur, 18 km from Mandya and 8 claims legendary importance because it was mythologically known as Arjunapura after the Pandava Prince who is believed to have come here on pilgrimage.
  • He was one of the first scholars to recognise prehistoric stone tools as human-made rather than natural or mythologically created thunderstones.
  • Sitamarhi is (approximately 140 km) away from Patna, lies the historical and mythologically-essayed town of Sitamarhi.

  • Taniwha is the Maori word for a creature/monster of the deep, often used mythologically.
  • Nashik is a historically, mythologically, socially and culturally important city in the northern part of the state of Maharashtra in India.
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