Übersetzung für 'mythologist' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   mythologist | mythologists
mythologistMythologe {m}
mythologist [female]Mythologin {f}
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Übersetzung für 'mythologist' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Mythologe {m}
mythologist [female]
Mythologin {f}
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  • Jaan Puhvel (born 24 January 1932) is an Estonian comparative linguist and comparative mythologist who specializes in Indo-European studies.
  • Juan Eduardo Cirlot Laporta (9 April 1916 – 11 May 1973) was a Spanish poet, art critic, hermeneutist, mythologist, and musician.
  • Joseph Campbell (1904–1987) was an American mythologist.
  • Vogler, like Lucas, was inspired by the writings of mythologist Joseph Campbell, particularly "The Hero with a Thousand Faces", which detailed the Hero's Journey archetype in classical mythology.
  • She is described by mythologist Seth Benardete as a cult name for Artemis-Hecate.

  • Ella Young (26 December 1867 – 23 July 1956) was an Irish poet and Celtic mythologist active in the Gaelic and Celtic Revival literary movement of the late 19th and early 20th century.
  • When American mythologist Joseph Campbell travelled on his maiden visit to India in 1954, he encountered pervasive begging which he called the "Baksheesh Complex".
  • In Jungian analysis, the belly of the whale can be seen as a symbolic death and rebirth, which is also an important stage in comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell's "hero's journey".
  • “Do I really need one (religion)? I have never felt I needed one. I am a mythologist.
  • Kimiâ's second uncle, a gay man, lives in a country where homosexuality is illegal and has a heterosexual marriage that produced children. The other characters see him as the family mythologist.

  • Myles McSweeney (1814–1881) was an Irish Chartist, mythologist and secularist writer.
  • As with the "Buschgroßmutter", 19th century mythologist Friedrich W.
  • The show is a tête-à-tête between the host and the presenter Rasika Dugal, Himanshi Choudhry and mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik.
  • Dainius Razauskas (born 1960 in Vilnius) is a Lithuanian mythologist, historian of religions, writer, and translator. He is one of the leading experts of Lithuanian mythology.
  • Ludwig Laistner (3 November 1845 – 22 March 1896) was a German novelist, mythologist, and literary historian.

  • Notably, his colleague and collaborator, the late philosopher scholar Alan Watts, mythologist Joseph Campbell, and his mentor John Blofeld.
  • Comparative mythologist Alexander Haggerty Krappe cited that Hecate was also named [...] ("hippeutria" – 'the equestrienne'), since the horse was "the chthonic animal "par excellence".
  • Mehrdād Bahār (...) (b. 1929, in Tehran; d. 13 November 1994, in Tehran) was a prominent Iranist, linguist, mythologist and Persian historian.
  • Russian comparative mythologist [...] pointed out that the tale type can be found "from Ireland and Maghreb, to India and Mongolia", in Africa and Siberia.
  • Arvid August Afzelius ([...]; 8 October 1785, in Fjällåkra [...] 2 September 1871, in Enköping) was a Swedish pastor, poet, historian and mythologist.

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