Übersetzung für 'mythologized' von Englisch nach Deutsch
VERB   to mythologize | mythologized | mythologized
mythologizing | mythologizes
mythologized {adj} {past-p}
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Übersetzung für 'mythologized' von Englisch nach Deutsch

mythologized {adj} {past-p}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Robinson's works often portray the worlds of tomorrow in a manner similar to the mythologized American Western frontier, showing a sentimental affection for the freedom and wildness of the frontier.
  • The second and third incarnations of the Ku Klux Klan made frequent references to a false mythologized perception of America's "Anglo-Saxon" blood, hearkening back to 19th-century nativism.
  • . mythologized as a creative act." The 19th century regarded Mozart's compositional process as a form "of impulsive and improvisatorial composition ...
  • The works of Ohioan comedy writer Rosella Rice, whose poems mythologized the figure of Johnny Appleseed, were published in "Woman's Journal".
  • Benzel's work explores the processes and contradictions inherent in mass media systems of production, the development of collective cultural imaginations and identification, and mythologized cultural histories.

  • Some attempts have been made in Lithuania to rehabilitate Sniečkus, who was more or less successfully mythologized throughout several decades.
  • It was also one of the cities mythologized by National Socialist propaganda.
  • Throughout history, both gray and white horses have been mythologized.
  • Weymouth and Weymouth Falls appear mythologized in George Elliott Clarke's poetical work "Whylah Falls" (1990).
  • The poison Aqua Tofana and consequently its inventor "Giulia Tofana" (Giulia Mangiardi) and the Spana Prosecution became famous and heavily mythologized during the 19th-century, and many incorrect statements about the subject became repeated as facts long into the 20th-century.

  • Geoarchaeologist Beverly Goodman and historian Henry Abramson theorize that the events mentioned in the story are a mythologized version of the effects of a tsunami in the area in 115 CE.
  • was a Phrygian prince as the son of Midas—the heavily mythologized but still historical king of Phrygia—in whose reign the earth opened in the area of the town of Celaenae in Phyrgia.
  • Out of these three approaches, all of them have received modern criticism. The February Revolution is seen by many present-day scholars as an event which gets "mythologized".
  • In Chinese culture, mythologized snakes and snake-like beings have various roles, including the calendar system, poetry, and literature.
  • The area was mythologized as in its entry into Latin it lost an "A" and was miswritten, resulting in the variable Zaric or Zarec.

  • Religious Taoism mythologized "zhenren" to rank above "xian" "transcendent; immortal" in the celestial hierarchy, while Chinese Buddhism used it to translate "Arahant" "Enlightened One".
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