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SYNO myxedema | myxoedema
myxedema [Am.]
Myxödem {n}
myxedema coma [Am.]
Myxödemkoma {n}
pretibial myxedema <PM> [Am.]
prätibiales Myxödem {n}
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  • In 1891, he introduced the successful treatment of myxedema, with injections of sheep thyroid extract.
  • He also made significant contributions in his research of myxedema, writing two articles on the disorder, "Myxoedem und Hypophysis" (Myxedema and hypophysis) and "Zur Lehre vom Myxoedem" (The doctrine of myxedema).
  • Liothyronine may also be used for myxedema coma because of its quicker onset of action when compared to levothyroxine.
  • There are suggestions in the medical literature that treatment with radioactive iodine for Graves' hyperthyroidism may be a trigger for pretibial myxedema which would be consistent with radioiodine ablation causing or aggravating ophthalmopathy, a condition which commonly occurs with pretibial myxedema and is believed to have common underlying features.
  • The first cases of myxedema were recognized in the mid-19th century (the 1870s), but its connection to the thyroid was not discovered until the 1880s when myxedema was observed in people following the removal of the thyroid gland (thyroidectomy).

  • Woltman's sign (also called Woltman's sign of hypothyroidism or, in older references, myxedema reflex) is a delayed relaxation phase of an elicited deep tendon reflex, usually tested in the Achilles tendon of the patient.
  • Myxedema can occur in the lower leg (pretibial myxedema) and behind the eyes (exophthalmos).
  • Atypical tuberous myxedema, also known as Jadassohn–Dosseker syndrome, is thought to represent a pure nodular variant of lichen myxedematosus.
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