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ADJ   n-ary | - | -
n-ary {adj}n-stufig
ary {adj}
I don't know the name. <N.N., NN>
nomen nescio <N. N.>
useful signal + noise to noise <(S+N)/N> ratio
Verhältnis {n} von Nutzsignal plus Störgeräusch zum Störgeräusch <(S+N)/N>
no place, no date {adv} <n.p., n.d.>
ohne Ort und Jahr <o. O. u. J.>
set of natural numbers <ℕ, N>
Menge {f} der natürlichen Zahlen <ℕ, N>
amount of substance <n, N, mol>
Molmenge {f} <n, N, mol> [veraltet] [Stoffmenge]
amount of substance <n, N, mol>
Molzahl {f} <n, N, mol> [veraltet] [Stoffmenge]
nullary {adj} <0-ary> [operation, function, etc.]
nullstellig <0-stellig> [Operation, Funktion usw.]
n-channel / N-channel transistor
n-Kanal- / N-Kanal-Transistor {m}
no place given <N.P., n.p.> [sine loco] [without place]
sine loco <s. l.> [veraltet] [ohne Ort]
no date given {adv} <N.D., n.d.>
ohne Jahresangabe <o. J.>
no place given {adv} <N.P., n.p.>
ohne Ortsangabe <o. O.>
not available {adj} <N/A, n/a>nicht verfügbar
not available {adj} <N/A, n/a>nicht erreichbar
no risk <N/R, n.r.>ohne Risiko
rhythm'n'blues <R&B, R'n'B, RnB>
Rhythm and Blues {m} <R&B, R'n'B, RnB>
rhythm'n'blues <R&B, R'n'B, RnB>
Rhythm'n'Blues {m} <R&B, R'n'B, RnB>
N-Acetylglucosamin {n}
N'Djamena {n}
n-rowed {adj}
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  • ... which is an n-ary operator which is true if and only if an odd number of arguments are true).
  • The class of all "N"-ary predicates and "N"-ary operations of a concrete category ("C","U"), with "N" ranging over the class of all cardinal numbers, forms a large signature.
  • A "peritectoid" transformation is a type of isothermal reversible reaction that has two solid phases reacting with each other upon cooling of a binary, ternary, ..., "n"-ary alloy to create a completely different and single solid phase.
  • All functions in lambda calculus and in some functional programming languages (especially those descended from ML) are technically unary, but see n-ary below.
  • It generalizes to "n"-ary functions, where the proper term is "multilinear".

  • The concept of binary function generalises to "ternary" (or "3-ary") "function", "quaternary" (or "4-ary") "function", or more generally to "n-ary function" for any natural number "n".
  • Generalizing in a different direction, an "n"-ary semigroup (also "n"-semigroup, polyadic semigroup or multiary semigroup) is a generalization of a semigroup to a set "G" with a "n"-ary operation instead of a binary operation.
  • If it takes "n" arguments it is called "n"-ary.
  • In applied mathematics, computer science and statistics, it is common to refer to a Boolean-valued function as an "n"-ary "predicate".
  • A more general approach to reification is to create an explicit new class and n new properties to represent an "n"-ary relation, making an instance of the relation linking the [...] individuals an instance of this class.

  • There are many specialized types of Gray codes other than the binary-reflected Gray code.
  • This is what exactly works in Scala: a "n"-ary function is internally a class that inherits the [...] trait (which can be seen as a general interface in Java-like languages), where [...] are the parameter types, and [...] is its return type; "−" before the type means the type is contravariant while "+" means covariant.
  • , "n"-ary relations can also be definable. Functions are definable if the function graph is a definable relation, and constants [...] are definable if there is a formula [...] such that "a" is the only element of [...] such that [...] is true.
  • An "n"-ary quasigroup is a set with an "n"-ary operation, [...] with [...] , such that the equation [...] has a unique solution for any one variable if all the other "n" variables are specified arbitrarily.
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