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NOUN   an n-gon | n-gons
n-Eck {n}
N-Eck {n}
cyclic n-gon
Sehnen-n-Eck {n}
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Übersetzung für 'n gon' von Englisch nach Deutsch

n-Eck {n}math.

N-Eck {n}math.

cyclic n-gon
Sehnen-n-Eck {n}math.
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  • If we think of the isometries of a regular "n"-gon: for odd "n" there are rotations in the group between every pair of mirrors, while for even "n" only half of the mirrors can be reached from one by these rotations.
  • The pentaflexagon is one of an infinite sequence of flexagons based on dividing a regular "n"-gon into "n" isosceles triangles.
  • The centers of regular n-gons constructed over the sides of an n-gon P form a regular n-gon if and only if P is an affine image of a regular n-gon.
  • There are known to be an infinitude of constructible regular polygons with an even number of sides (because if a regular "n"-gon is constructible, then so is a regular 2"n"-gon and hence a regular 4"n"-gon, 8"n"-gon, etc.).
  • A simple illustration of Sylow subgroups and the Sylow theorems are the dihedral group of the "n"-gon, "D"2"n".
  • Among graph theorists, cycle, polygon, or "n"-gon are also often used.
  • Petrie polygon projections map the points into a regular 2"n"-gon or lower order regular polygons.
  • Equivalently, if we label the vertices of a regular "n"-gon with the numbers 1 through "n", the convex hulls of different blocks of the partition are disjoint from each other, i.e., they also do not "cross" each other.
  • This is a special case of the "n"-gon interior angle sum formula: "S" = ("n" − 2) × 180°.
  • For a regular "n"-gon inscribed in a unit-radius circle, the product of the distances from a given vertex to all other vertices (including adjacent vertices and vertices connected by a diagonal) equals "n".
  • A right prism (with rectangular sides) with regular "n"-gon bases has Schläfli symbol { }×{"n"}.
  • A regular "n"-gon has [...] stellations if "n" is even (assuming compounds of multiple degenerate digons are not considered), and [...] stellations if "n" is odd.
  • A circle centered at α with radius 2β is inscribed with a regular "N-"gon with one vertex pointing down; the "y"-coordinate of the vertices of the polygon then represent the orbital energies of the [...]annulene/annulenyl system.
  • In 2004, was proven algorithmically the fold pattern for a regular heptagon.
  • A polygon is a shape that is bounded by a finite chain of straight line segments closing in a loop to form a closed chain or "circuit".
  • The segments of a polygonal circuit are called its "edges" or "sides".
  • is the dihedral group, the symmetry group of the "n"-gon, [...] is the "n"-element symmetric group, [...] is the octahedral group, and [...] is the orthogonal group in "n" dimensions.
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