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NOUN   an n-tuple | n-tuples
n-Tupel {n}
ordered n-tuple
geordnetes n-Tupel {n}
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Übersetzung für 'n tuple' von Englisch nach Deutsch

n-Tupel {n}comp.math.

ordered n-tuple
geordnetes n-Tupel {n}math.
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  • Such a tensor can be defined as a linear function which maps an ("M" + "N")-tuple of "M" one-forms and "N" vectors to a scalar.
  • Given a complete "n"-type "p" one can ask if there is a model of the theory that omits "p", in other words there is no "n"-tuple in the model that realizes "p".
  • The definition of the general "n"-tuple using the Kuratowski pair is trickier, as one needs to keep the types of all the projections the same, and the type displacement between the "n"-tuple and its projections increases as "n" increases.
  • The Global Role of the complex expression β is the n- tuple of the global roles of its constituent parts.
  • A model "M" is called atomic if every "n"-tuple of elements of "M" satisfies a formula that is complete in Th("M")—the theory of "M".
  • In coordinates, a vector field on a domain in "n"-dimensional Euclidean space can be represented as a vector-valued function that associates an "n"-tuple of real numbers to each point of the domain.
  • Note: An "n"-tuple of clause attributes is similar (but not the same) to the "feature vector" named by Stephan Schulz, PhD (see E equational theorem prover).
  • The main SDM alterations to the RAM are: is that certain neurons could have their input coefficients and thresholds fixed over the entire life of an organism and used as address decoders where "n"-tuple of input coefficients (the pattern to which neurons respond most readily) determines the "n"-bit memory address, and the threshold controls the size of the region of similar address patterns to which the neuron responds.
  • The second definition of relations makes use of an idiom that is common in mathematics, stipulating that "such and such is an "n"-tuple" in order to ensure that such and such a mathematical object is determined by the specification of mathematical objects with "n" elements.
  • Hellin's law, also called Hellin-Zeleny's law, is an empirical observation in demography that the approximate rate of multiple births is one n-tuple birth per 89n-1 singleton births: twin births occur about once per 89 singleton births, triplets about once per 892, quadruplets about once per 893, and so on.
  • Two numbers with the same "abundancy" form a friendly pair; "n" numbers with the same "abundancy" form a friendly "n"-tuple.
  • In contexts where arbitrary "n"-tuples are considered, [...] ("t") is a common notation for the "i"-th component of an "n"-tuple "t".
  • A set of payoffs can be considered a set of N-tuples, where "N" is the number of players in the game, and the cardinality of the set is equal to the total number of possible outcomes when the strategies of the players are varied.
  • In probability theory and statistics, a complex random vector is typically a tuple of complex-valued random variables, and generally is a random variable taking values in a vector space over the field of complex numbers.
  • It follows from the above definitions that to every tuple there corresponds a unique heading, being the set of names from the tuple, paired with the domains from which the tuple's domain elements are taken.
  • Given such an "n"-tuple ("P"1, ..., "P'n"), we denote by [...] the permutation of [...] from the first condition.
  • A monomial in [...] is a product [...] for an "n"-tuple [...] of nonnegative integers.
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