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NOUN   an n-type semiconductor | n-type semiconductors
n-type semiconductor
n-Halbleiter {m}
n-type semiconductor
Überschusshalbleiter {m} [n-Halbleiter]
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Übersetzung für 'n type semiconductor' von Englisch nach Deutsch

n-type semiconductor
n-Halbleiter {m}electr.

Überschusshalbleiter {m} [n-Halbleiter]electr.
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  • is applied across the interface of an n-type semiconductor and a metal, the Fermi level in the semiconductor is shifted with respect to the metal's and the band bending decreases.
  • For example, when silicon (Si), having four valence electrons, is to be doped as a n-type semiconductor, elements from group V like phosphorus (P) or arsenic (As) can be used because they have five valence electrons.
  • "N-type" semiconductors are created by doping an intrinsic semiconductor with an electron donor element during manufacture.
  • To see the effect, we consider a n-type semiconductor with the length "d".
  • A PIN diode is a diode with a wide, undoped intrinsic semiconductor region between a p-type semiconductor and an n-type semiconductor region.
  • Using bromine results in forming an n-type semiconductor, whereas using tellurium only results in a p-type semiconductor.
  • The material is a n-type semiconductor with a large bandgap of around 4 eV.
  • For example, if the heat source is placed on the positive lead of a voltmeter attached to an n-type semiconductor, a positive voltage reading will result as the area around the heat source/positive lead becomes positively charged.
  • As another example, for an n-type semiconductor at low to moderate electron concentration, [...].
  • The tribovoltaic effect is the effect of generating of tribo-current at a sliding semiconductors interface (PN junction) or sliding semiconductor and metal interface (Schottky junction), which is firstly proposed by Wang "et al".
  • Both sphalerite and wurtzite are intrinsic, wide-bandgap semiconductors.
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