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n-type doping
n-Dotierung {f}
p-type doping
p-Dotierung {f}
n type {adj}n-leitend
n-type conductivity
n-Leitfähigkeit {f}
n-type semiconductor
n-Halbleiter {m}
n-type semiconductor
Überschusshalbleiter {m} [n-Halbleiter]
n-channel depletion typen-Kanal-Verarmungs­typ {m}
n-type conduction [electron conduction]
n-Leitung {f} [Elektronenleitung]
I don't know the name. <N.N., NN>
nomen nescio <N. N.>
useful signal + noise to noise <(S+N)/N> ratio
Verhältnis {n} von Nutzsignal plus Störgeräusch zum Störgeräusch <(S+N)/N>
no place, no date {adv} <n.p., n.d.>
ohne Ort und Jahr <o. O. u. J.>
set of natural numbers <ℕ, N>
Menge {f} der natürlichen Zahlen <ℕ, N>
amount of substance <n, N, mol>
Molzahl {f} <n, N, mol> [veraltet] [Stoffmenge]
amount of substance <n, N, mol>
Molmenge {f} <n, N, mol> [veraltet] [Stoffmenge]
n-channel / N-channel transistor
n-Kanal- / N-Kanal-Transistor {m}
not applicable {adj} <N/A, n/a, N.A., NA>entfällt [in Formularen]
no place given <N.P., n.p.> [sine loco] [without place]
sine loco <s. l.> [veraltet] [ohne Ort]
no place given {adv} <N.P., n.p.>
ohne Ortsangabe <o. O.>
no date given {adv} <N.D., n.d.>
ohne Jahresangabe <o. J.>
not available {adj} <N/A, n/a>nicht erreichbar
not available {adj} <N/A, n/a>nicht verfügbar
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  • Oftentimes, a dopant is used, giving an excess of electrons (in so-called "n-type doping") or holes (in so-called "p-type doping") within the band structure.
  • To increase the parasitic threshold voltage beyond the supply voltage, it was necessary to increase the N-type doping level in selected regions under the field oxide, and this was initially accomplished with the use of a so-called channel-stopper mask, and later with ion implantation.
  • The material can be doped n-type doping with, for instance, halogen elements.
  • A permanent positive change was found and is sometimes explained by enhanced N-type doping due to an increase in oxygen vacancies, which leads to a higher conductivity and charge extraction rate.
  • for p- and n-type doping.

  • By "abrupt" is meant that the p- and n-type doping exhibit a step function discontinuity at the plane where they encounter each other.
  • Inducing n-type doping within silicene requires an alkali metal dopant.
  • n-type doping produces mobile electrons (leaving behind positively charged donors) while p-type doping produces mobile holes (and negatively charged acceptors) In practice, p-n junctions of silicon solar cells are not made in this way, but rather by diffusing an n-type dopant into one side of a p-type wafer (or vice versa).
  • When on the order of one dopant atom is added per 100 million atoms, the doping is said to be "low" or "light".
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