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NOUN   a nabla | nablas
nabla <∇>
Nabla {n} <∇>
nabla operator <∇>
Nabla-Operator {m} <∇>
nabla symbol <∇>
Nabla-Symbol {n} <∇>
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  • or as "del" (but this name is also used for the "nabla" symbol ∇).
  • because the former makes clear which of the indices of the four nabla operators are contracted over.
  • See also the differential volume entry in nabla in cylindrical and spherical coordinates.
  • Del is a vector differential operator represented by the symbol ∇ (nabla).
  • The nevel or nebel ([...] "nēḇel") was a stringed instrument used by the Israelites. The Greeks translated the name as "nabla" (νάβλα, "Phoenician harp").
  • It is conventional to change notation and use the nabla symbol ∇ in place of "D" in this setting; in other respects, these two are the same thing.
  • The parallel transport automorphisms defined by all closed curves based at "x" form a transformation group called the holonomy group of &nabla; at "x".
  • The gradient operator &nabla; acts on a (differentiable) function "&phi;" : R"n" → R to give a vector field &nabla;"&phi;" : R"n" → R"n".
  • The image of "T"&nabla; in coker(&tau;) for any adapted connection &nabla; is called the torsion of the "G"-structure.
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