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ADJ   nacreous | more nacreous | most nacreous
SYNO iridescent | nacreous | opalescent | ...
nacreous {adj}Perlmutt-
nacreous {adj} [pearly]perlenartig
nacreous {adj}perlmuttartig
nacreous {adj}perlmuttern
nacreous {adj}perlmutterartig
2 Wörter
nacreous clouds
Perlmuttwolken {pl}
nacreous clouds
polare Stratosphärenwolken {pl} <PSC>
nacreous layer
Perlmuttschicht {f}
nacreous pigmentPerlglanzpigment {n}
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  • The nacreous layer of monoplacophoran shells appears to have undergone some modification.
  • They are burrowing molluscs with well-developed siphons. The shell is relatively soft and lacks a nacreous layer. Some species have a single cardinal tooth.
  • Only Type II clouds are necessarily nacreous whereas Type I clouds can be iridescent under certain conditions, just as any other cloud.
  • It will not show as blue in fish with metallic type scales, but will look blue if the fish has matte or nacreous scales.
  • It is olivaceous with nacreous reflections. It is ornamented with flexuous longitudinal grayish streaks.

  • The height of this translucent, nacreous, white shell attains 3.7 mm.
  • The white, thin, umbilicate, and depressed shell is markedly broader (8.35 mm) than high (5.65 mm). It is translucent nacreous.
  • The white, depressed shell is wider (7.30 mm) than high (3.35 mm). It is thin, highly polished and translucent nacreous.
  • Color: creamy, on a dull polished surface, with a faint nacreous gleam which is pearly within the mouth. The apex is ruddy.
  • Lion's paws rarely produce pearls, however, when they do, the pearl is composed mainly of calcite and are non-nacreous.

  • This family is assemblage of small to very small shells that lack a nacreous structure. The shells are white and show no color patterns.
  • For example, a nacreous layer may have been lost more than once in cephalopod evolution.
  • The colour of the shell is yellowish white, with a brilliant nacreous sheen shining through the thin superficial calcareous layer, which becomes more opaque in drying.
  • The height of the nacreous shell attains 2 mm. The shell has labral sinuses.
  • "Fragum fragum" grows to a length of [...]. It has a pair of white, thick, sculptured valves with a nacreous coating on the interior.

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