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NOUN   nadolol | -
SYNO Corgard | nadolol
nadolol [C17H27NO4]
Nadolol {n}
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Übersetzung für 'nadolol' von Englisch nach Deutsch

nadolol [C17H27NO4]
Nadolol {n}pharm.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • When symptoms are sufficiently troublesome to warrant treatment, the first medication choices are beta blockers such as propranolol or alternately, nadolol and timolol.
  • This cardio-specificity will minimize the anti-hypertensive effects as seen with non-specific beta blockers such as Propanalol and Nadolol.
  • These medications, such as Propranolol and Nadolol, act on B1 receptors on smooth muscle cells as well.
  • Beta blockers such as propranolol or nadolol reduce the risk of arrhythmias.
  • Nadolol is a mixture of stereoisomers. It is polar and hydrophilic, with low lipid solubility.

  • As such, it is associated with a higher incidence of CNS-related side effects than beta blockers with more hydrophilic molecules such as atenolol, sotalol and nadolol.
  • propranolol, timolol or nadolol) and nitrates (e.g., isosorbide mononitrate (IMN) have been evaluated for secondary prophylaxis.
  • The MSQoL has been used in the assessment of the effect of nadolol and topiramate, regular water intake and using migraine patients as trainers in preventive attack management.
  • 1-Naphthol is a precursor to a variety of insecticides including carbaryl and pharmaceuticals including nadolol as well as for the antidepressant sertraline and the anti-protozoan therapeutic atovaquone.
  • For portal hypertension, nonselective beta blockers such as propranolol or nadolol are commonly used to lower blood pressure over the portal system.

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