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to experience naturedie Natur erfahren
nature experienceNaturerfahrung {f}
3 Wörter
experience of natureNaturerlebnis {n}
experience of natureNaturerfahrung {f}
experienceErfahrung {f}
experienceErfahrungs­werte {pl}
experienceWiderfahrnis {n} [geh.]
experienceSachkenntnis {f}
experiencePraxis {f} [Erfahrung]
experienceVersiertheit {f} [Erfahrung]
experienceErleben {n}
to experiencewahrnehmen [erfahren, erleben]
experienceRoutine {f}
natureCharakter {m}
natureNatur {f}
natureArt {f} [Wesen]
work experience
Berufspraktikum {n}
from experience {adv}aus der Praxis
frustrating experienceFrustrationserlebnis {n}
experience utilizationErfahrungs­auswertung {f}
childhood experienceKindheitserlebnis {n}
experience {sg}Erfahrungen {pl}
life experienceLebenserfahrung {f}
project experienceProjekterfahrung {f}
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  • It is also a notable area for recreation and nature experience such as hiking, and flora and fauna exploration.
  • It is said to be a great nature experience of world class, both for veterans as well as beginners.
  • National parks and nature experience parks have very strict protected areas, something which does not exist in regional nature parks.
  • A "nature experience" trail (German: "Naturerlebnispfad") was opened in 2000.
  • At the same time the Müritzeum acts as an information- and nature experience centre for the Mecklenburg Lake District as a whole.

  • Livestock in the park serve to enhance the idyll (nature experience). The park area therefore had to be redesigned to protect the plants (walls, hedges, watercourses, fences).
  • The Biosphere House (...) in the village of Fischbach bei Dahn in the German state of Rhineland-Pfalz is a nature experience centre and important regional tourist attraction.
  • The originally almost-circular lake was slightly enlarged on its southern shore during the construction of the Information and Nature Experience Centre of Müritzeum.
  • In April 2002 the Ministry for the Environment, Nature and Forests in the state of Schleswig-Holstein declared the area as a nature experience site ("Naturerlebnisraum").
  • After a few minutes walk, one arrives at a forester's lodge, "Forsthaus Hohne" and the HohneHof Nature Experience Centre ("Natur-Erlebniszentrum HohneHof"), one of several information centres in the Harz National Park.

  • The Lower Saxony branch of NABU maintains a regional nature experience centre which also runs seminars.
  • More generally, all types of systems including human organizations and nature experience glitches.
  • Because the steps leading to resilience encourage people to be outside walking and participating in activities, the citizens become healthier and more physically fit; it has been found that those who take walks in nature experience decreased depression, anger, and increased vigor, versus those who walk in interior environments.
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