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ADJ   needy | needier | neediest
NOUN   needy | -
SYNO destitute | impoverished | indigent | ...
needy {adj}bedürftig
needy {adj}hilfsbedürftig
needy {adj}arm
needy {adj} [coll.] [sexually]notgeil [ugs.]
needy {adj}notleidend
needy {adj}unterstützungs­bedürftig
needy {adj}Not leidend
needyNotleidender {m}
the needy {pl}Bedürftige {pl} [insgesamt betrachtet]
the needyHilfsbedürftige {pl}
needy [female]Notleidende {f}
the needyNotleidende {pl}
the needyHilfebedürftige {pl}
2 Wörter
needy banks [coll.]
notleidende Banken {pl} [Unwort des Jahres 2008]
needy people [impoverished]bedürftige Menschen {pl}
needy personNotleidender {m}
needy personBedürftiger {m}
needy person [female]Notleidende {f}
needy person [female]Bedürftige {f}
4 Wörter
aid to needy familiesFamilienbeihilfe {f} [für Bedürftige]
the poor and needydie Armen und Notleidenden
5+ Wörter
Take from the needy and give to the greedy. [idiom] Nehmt es den Armen und gebt es den Reichen. [Redewendung]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Along with the Dindi procession, seva to the poor and needy is done reflecting that Lord is in all forms.
  • It has grown into a citywide program that provides needy children between the ages of two and ten with toys during the winter holidays.
  • 342 coats were raised for needy families in Sullivan County.
  • Mount Washington College provided school supplies to needy students.
  • The Ladies Relief Sewing Society's mission was to “alleviate the suffering of the poor and needy by furnishing them with clothing.” The women would collect clothing and repair them from needy families.

  • Aura’s House is an online grassroots project, which raises funds for needy children and their families.
  • He sacrificed his riches to assist the poor and needy by paying school fees and assisting in raising living standards of the poor.
  • During the 2nd World War, the school served the community by supplying items to the needy.
  • Mahanam Sampraday also donate free blankets for the poor and needy people in the winter months.
  • Ababeel is also known for assistance of needy, widows and orphans. The Ababeel provides monthly food kits to the destitute, needy, orphans and widows.

  • Benedicta started giving alms to the needy and widows of King Jesus Orphanage Home in 2014.
  • The Blue Pencil Project was introduced by the People's Legal Forum to give financial assistance to the needy schoolchildren.
  • Bursary for APS Students: Temasek Cares partnered Assumption Pathway School (APS) to award a bursary that helps financially needy students with school fees and other education-related expenses.
  • Programs he has founded include Outreach for Comfort, Rescue to the needy, Ministry to the Aged, Hospital and Prisons Outreaches and Scholarship Schemes for Bright but Needy Students.
  • The California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program is the California welfare implementation of the federal welfare-to-work Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program that provides cash aid and services to eligible needy California families.

  • His noble and needy figure is remembered in the historical records of the Genoese characters for having founded, in a period of maximum famine, the "Officio dei Poveri", made up of a magistrate together with eight Genoese citizens who, together with the parallel construction of numerous public barns, managed to coordinate and therefore provide support to about four thousand needy inhabitants.
  • Leket Israel, The National Food Bank, a registered nonprofit Israel-based charity, is the leading food rescue organization in Israel, serving 175,000+ needy people weekly.
  • New Eyes for the Needy is a non-profit organization started in 1932 as New Eyes (incorporated 1948) and based in Short Hills, New Jersey, which provides people in the United States with eyeglasses and sends recycled eyeglasses to needy people overseas.
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