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neem oil
Neemöl {n}
neem leaf extractNeem-Blattextrakt {m}
neem tree [Azadirachta indica]
Neembaum {m}
heavy-duty oil <HD oil>
Hochleistungs­öl {n}
oilÖl {n}
to oilölen
oil trapÖlfang {m} [Abwassertechnik]
oil separator
Ölabscheider {m}
oil market
Erdölmarkt {m}
fossil oil
Steinöl {n}
oil company
Erdölfirma {f}
thick oilDicköl {n}
fossil oil
Erdöl {n}
oil fields
Erdölvorkommen {pl} [Ölfelder]
oil field
Erdölvorkommen {n} [Ölfeld]
oil deposits
Erdölvorkommen {pl} [Lagerstätten]
oil deposit
Erdölvorkommen {n}
oil companies
Erdölfirmen {pl}
soybean oil
Sojaöl {n}
tanning oil
Bräunungs­öl {n}
oil priceÖlpreis {m}
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  • Pesticides made with botanical plant oils may be especially useful to prevent egg laying. Neem oil acts as a repellent and may interfere with the egg laying activity of female leaf miners.
  • Larvicidal activity of neem oil ("Azadirachta indica") formulation against mosquitoes.
  • Neem oil has been shown to avert termite attack as an ecofriendly and economical agent.
  • Neem oil, also known as margosa oil, is a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits and seeds of the neem ("Azadirachta indica"), a tree which is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and has been introduced to many other areas in the tropics.
  • They can be negatively effected by feeding on prey which has been in contact with neem oil.

  • Neem oil effectively manages powdery mildew on many plants by interfering with the fungus' metabolism and terminating spore production.
  • Caterpillars can be controlled by the spraying of neem oil or chlorpyrifos and quinolphos.
  • Nimbin is thought to be responsible for much of the biological activities of neem oil, and is reported to have anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, fungicidal, antihistamine and antiseptic properties.
  • Traditionally, the base oil used is sesame but, Ayurveda Professionals base the oil section on the Dosha type and hence herb oils like Ashwagandha oil, Mahanarayan oil, Bhringaraj oil, Brahmi oil and Neem oil can be used and in some cases to correct Kapha Dosha Almond Oil or corn oil might also be used.
  • Pure neem oil has been found to be the most effective antifeedants by the third instar.

  • The timber is important, and oil is produced from the seeds. The name andiroba is from Nheengatu "nhandi rob", meaning "bitter oil". "Carapa guianensis" produces oil similar [...] to neem oil.
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