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NOUN   negotiating | -
VERB   to negotiate | negotiated | negotiated
negotiating | negotiates
negotiating {adj} {pres-p}verhandelnd
negotiating {adj} {pres-p}aushandelnd
negotiating {adj} {pres-p}unterhandelnd
negotiating {adj} {pres-p}negoziierend
negotiatingVerhandeln {n}
negotiatingUnterhandlung {f}
negotiatingAushandeln {n}
2 Wörter: Substantive
negotiating banknegoziierende Bank {f}
negotiating basisVerhandlungs­grundlage {f}
negotiating commissionVerhandlungs­provision {f}
negotiating committeeVerhandlungs­delegation {f}
negotiating delegationVerhandlungs­delegation {f}
negotiating directive
Verhandlungs­direktive {f}
negotiating experienceVerhandlungs­erfahrung {f}
negotiating mandateVerhandlungs­mandat {n}
negotiating methodVerhandlungs­methode {f}
negotiating partnerVerhandlungs­partner {m}
negotiating partyVerhandlungs­partner {m}
negotiating pointVerhandlungs­punkt {m}
negotiating positionVerhandlungs­position {f}
negotiating powerVerhandlungs­macht {f}
negotiating powerVerhandlungs­stärke {f}
negotiating rangeVerhandlungs­spielraum {m}
negotiating skillVerhandlungs­geschick {n}
negotiating skills {pl}Verhandlungs­geschick {n}
negotiating strategyVerhandlungs­strategie {f}
negotiating tableVerhandlungs­tisch {m}
negotiating tacticsVerhandlungs­taktik {f}
negotiating teamVerhandlungs­team {n}
negotiating team
Verhandlungs­mannschaft {f}
negotiating topicVerhandlungs­punkt {m}
3 Wörter: Substantive
way of negotiatingVerhandlungs­methode {f}
4 Wörter: Verben
to act in negotiating contractsin der Aushandlung von Verträgen tätig sein
to act in negotiating purchasesin Kaufverhandlungen tätig sein
to act in negotiating salesin Verkaufsverhandlungen tätig sein
4 Wörter: Substantive
cost {sg} for negotiating bills
Wechselbegebungs­kosten {pl}
5+ Wörter: Verben
to return to the (negotiating) tablean den Verhandlungs­tisch zurückkehren
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Übersetzung für 'negotiating' von Englisch nach Deutsch

negotiating {adj} {pres-p}




Verhandeln {n}

Unterhandlung {f}

Aushandeln {n}

negotiating bank
negoziierende Bank {f}
negotiating basis
Verhandlungs­grundlage {f}
negotiating commission
Verhandlungs­provision {f}
negotiating committee
Verhandlungs­delegation {f}
negotiating delegation
Verhandlungs­delegation {f}
negotiating directive
Verhandlungs­direktive {f}pol.
negotiating experience
Verhandlungs­erfahrung {f}
negotiating mandate
Verhandlungs­mandat {n}
negotiating method
Verhandlungs­methode {f}
negotiating partner
Verhandlungs­partner {m}
negotiating party
Verhandlungs­partner {m}
negotiating point
Verhandlungs­punkt {m}
negotiating position
Verhandlungs­position {f}
negotiating power
Verhandlungs­macht {f}

Verhandlungs­stärke {f}
negotiating range
Verhandlungs­spielraum {m}
negotiating skill
Verhandlungs­geschick {n}
negotiating skills {pl}
Verhandlungs­geschick {n}
negotiating strategy
Verhandlungs­strategie {f}
negotiating table
Verhandlungs­tisch {m}
negotiating tactics
Verhandlungs­taktik {f}
negotiating team
Verhandlungs­team {n}

Verhandlungs­mannschaft {f}pol.
negotiating topic
Verhandlungs­punkt {m}

way of negotiating
Verhandlungs­methode {f}

to act in negotiating contracts
in der Aushandlung von Verträgen tätig sein
to act in negotiating purchases
in Kaufverhandlungen tätig sein
to act in negotiating sales
in Verkaufsverhandlungen tätig sein

cost {sg} for negotiating bills
Wechselbegebungs­kosten {pl}acc.

to return to the (negotiating) table
an den Verhandlungs­tisch zurückkehren
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • One component of the restructuring was negotiating a new lease agreement with the Kentucky State Fair Board, which owned much of the land and attractions for Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.
  • The Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) is a proprietary networking protocol developed by Cisco Systems for the purpose of negotiating trunking on a link between two VLAN-aware switches, and for negotiating the type of trunking encapsulation to be used.
  • It is a negotiating body which represents doctors in Ireland, recognised for negotiating purposes under the Trade Union Act 1941.
  • It was later revealed that the military had learned that Kony was negotiating with the Sudanese government for support while talking to Bigombe, and felt that Kony was simply trying to buy time.
  • Harrison and Michigan Territory's Governor Lewis Cass were responsible for negotiating the peace treaty with the Indians.
  • Galán had a choice of fighting or negotiating.
  • Key articles in the negotiating directives are set out below. Numbers refer to negotiating directive document paragraphs.
  • The government shuffled its negotiating team in Havana.
  • "National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy" is the first book written by a leader of Iran's nuclear negotiating team.
  • Hewitt was awarded the gold medal of the RSPB in 1918 for his role in negotiating the Convention on the Protection of Migratory Birds of 1916 and for his role in negotiating the Northwest Game Act of 1917.
  • In late 2012, Fox Sports' exclusive period for negotiating a new broadcast deal with the Dodgers ended.
  • AbuZayyad was an advisor to the Palestinian negotiating team in Washington, DC in 1992, and later a member of the post-Oslo negotiating team that concluded the 1994 Israeli-Palestinian Agreement ("The Cairo Agreement" that led to the establishment of the Palestinian Authority).
  • Rea played a role in negotiating the Combined Loyalist Military Command ceasefire, in 1994.
  • Borko Stefanović led the Belgrade negotiating team and Edita Tahiri led the Pristina negotiating team.
  • was negotiating in bad faith, Kissinger declared "Peace is at hand" in Vietnam and that a final agreement could be achieved after one more three-four day negotiating session.
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