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nice little guy [coll.]nettes Kerlchen {n} [ugs.]
nice guy [coll.]lieber Kerl {m} [ugs.]
nice guy [coll.]Sympathiebolzen {m} [ugs.]
nice guy [coll.]netter Kerl {m} [ugs.]
No more Mr. Nice Guy!
Jetzt ist Schluss mit lustig! [ugs.]
a nice little sumein ganz nettes Sümmchen {n} [ugs.]
a nice little sum
ein schönes Stück {n} Geld
the (little) guy on Main Street [fig.] [Am.] [idiom] der (kleine) Mann {m} auf der Straße [fig.] [Redewendung]
guySchießbudenfigur {f}
guySpannseil {n} [Abspannseil]
guyAnker {m}
Guido {m}
Abspannung {f}
guyAbspannseil {n}
guy [coll.]Kumpel {m} [ugs.]
guy wireSpanndraht {m}
guy tackle
Geerentalje {f} [auch: Geientalje]
guy [coll.]Typ {m} [ugs.] [Kerl, Bursche]
spi guy
Achterholer {m} [Spi]
guy derrick
Seilderrick {m} [Derrickkran mit Seilabspannung]
guy ropeAbspannseil {n}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In the Adam Sandler movie "Little Nicky", Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino (appearing as himself) visits Hell and tries to plead with the Devil (Harvey Keitel) to give him a Super Bowl win in exchange for his soul (referencing Joe Namath's alleged "deal" prior to winning Super Bowl III for the Jets) but the Devil declines, saying that Marino is "too nice of a guy" and that Namath was "coming here anyways".
  • Barry is usually a nice guy but a little bit downtrodden.
  • Writing for "Blueprintreview", Judomeh gave 4 out of 5 stars, saying "it was a nice little soundtrack for a much loved franchise which supports the film in the best possible way".
  • Flynn's autobiographical essay "I Was Not a Nice Little Girl..."
  • McNulty explained Seth is "a level-headed, straight thinking guy" and helps the group when things "get a little too far out of hand", driving the situation towards the right resolution "because he’s pretty much a strait-laced character".

  • Charlie gets a little paranoid and assumes that Sascha is flirting with Olivia.
  • Giant manager Mel Ott had put together a one-dimensional ball club built around a lot of sluggers with little speed.
  • Despite regular therapy, he makes little progress and his anxiety compels him to seek constant reassurance from his therapists.
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