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nice neighbours [Br.]angenehme Nachbarn {pl}
neighbours [Br.]Nachbarn {pl}
neighbours [Br.]Nachbarsleute {pl}
neighbours [Br.]Nachbarschaft {f} [Nachbarn]
immediate neighbours [Br.]unmittelbare Nachbarn {pl}
sociable neighbours [Br.]ungezwungene Nachbarn {pl}
southern neighbours [Br.]
südliche Nachbarn {pl}
visit of neighbours [Br.]Nachbarschaftsbesuch {m} [Besuch von Nachbarn]
stress with neighbours [Br.]Nachbarschaftsstress {m} [ugs.]
to be next-door neighbours [Br.]Tür an Tür wohnen
Neighbours from Hell [video game]
Böse Nachbarn {pl} [Computerspiel]
to keep on good terms with the neighbours [Br.]gute Nachbarschaft pflegen
to keep on good terms with the neighbours [Br.]gute Nachbarschaft halten
to first-foot one's neighbours [Br.] [esp. Scot.] (zu den / seinen Nachbarn) Neujahr wünschen gehen [regional]
at the neighbours {adv} [Br.] [at the house next door]im Nachbarhaus
nice {adj}pünktlich
nice {adj}schön
Nizza {n}
nice {adj}schnuckelig [ugs.] [nett]
nice {adj}gewissenhaft
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The community has a nice balance and there is a sense of community spirit evident here, with neighbours helping each other.
  • On 15 May, San Isidro, Hornachos begins a traditional feast where all the inhabitants share a nice country day to eat and drink with their neighbours.
  • The Baskervilles' next door neighbours are a family of vampires, who bear some resemblance to the Baskervilles' Nice Town neighbours.
  • Lepo je biti sosed "(It's nice to be neighbours)" is a Slovenian television series, which started filming in 2008 and after six seasons, ended May 2011.
  • Clarke confessed that he had always wanted to be in "Neighbours" and added that it was "very nice" to be joining the cast.

  • Cassandra also tries to be nice to the neighbours and encourages Donna to audition for the school play.
  • Beth Brennan (also Willis) is a fictional character from the Australian television soap opera "Neighbours", played by Natalie Imbruglia.
  • Upon his introduction, a "Daily Record" reporter observed, "It seems the lad is a tearaway – but seeing as every teen who arrives in "Neighbours" tends to be just that, such news won't come as much of a surprise.
  • Max Ramsay is one of the twelve original characters conceived by Reg Watson, the creator and then-executive producer of "Neighbours".
  • The fort on the hill that dominates the city neighbours an eleventh-century chapel, St Peter "collégiale".

  • Dave Lanning of "The People" commented on the storyline, saying the "Neighbours" plotliners must have been on magic mushrooms when they decided to pair Marlene with the "terminally boring" Colin.
  • Robin Wilks from "The Daily Telegraph" included Pearce at number three in his feature on the "Top five ex-"Neighbours" stars", following his successful acting career.
  • A writer for the BBC's "Neighbours" website said Sindi's most notable moments were "Dating Toadie for money.
  • In the "Neighbours" twentieth anniversary book Nell is described as being "the Ramsay Street gossip, the Queen Bee of the cul-de-sac, and her constant interfering in the affairs of her neighbours did not always endear her to the street".
  • Scott was placed at number nine on the "Huffpost's" "35 greatest Neighbours characters of all time" feature.

  • In 2010, Valentine took three months off from "Neighbours" due to ill health.
  • I knew she would cringe every time she watched me on "Neighbours"."
  • At first his neighbours consider him a lunatic old man, but over time they start admiring his logical reasoning and start following him.
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