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nice peoplenette Leute {pl}
nice peoplenette Menschen {pl}
nice peopleangenehme Leute {pl}
nice {adj}schnuckelig [ugs.] [nett]
Nizza {n}
nice {adj}freundlich
nice {adj}schön
nice {adj}fein
nice {adj}pünktlich
nice {adj}angenehm
nice {adj}nett
nice {adj}lieb
nice {adj}niedlich
nice {adj}gewissenhaft
nice {adj}hübsch
nice {adj} [fastidious]wählerisch
very nice {adj}sehr schön
nice affairkitzlige Angelegenheit {f}
nice {adj} [refined]gesittet
nice observationsscharfe Beobachtungen {pl}
nice dayschöner Tag {m}
nice weather
schönes Wetter {n}
awfully nice {adj}sehr liebenswürdig
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  • However, author William Jefferson reports that by 1976, 200 local people had "taken up Transcendental Meditation themselves" and compared to the "wild and woolly" students of the prior college, "nearly all the residents now agree that they students are nice people to have around".
  • The agency ran a London bus advertising campaign entitled "Nice People Take Drugs" in 2009, but it was pulled a few days later, amidst claims of censorship by the advertising regulators.
  • " A botched experiment changes the students' personalities, such as the mean people as nice people.
  • Leary appears in the same form, while "Mmplushumblehorse" has been renamed "Nice People."
  • Fifteen Nice people who participated in the rebellion were tried and sentenced.

  • Frucade was spotlighted in the 1995 ORF "Nette Leit Show" ("Nice People Show"), when it was offered by host Hermes Phettberg to guests as an alternative to eggnog.
  • Prior to the demonstration, representatives of the Panthers had met with Golda Meir on 13 April, who characterized them as "not nice people".
  • Among the many recurring themes in the book: wiseguys are not nice people, they don't have friends (not even people they have known and worked with their whole life), and they will beat or kill you without hesitation.
  • I got acquainted with all staff during this short period and realized that true professionals and very nice people work in the club.
  • Release's actions have included challenging such stigmatisation with its "Nice People Take Drugs" advertising campaign.

  • Roger Ebert gave the film a positive review: "Wimbledon" is a well-behaved movie about nice people who have good things happen to them.
  • I have to be honest and admit I also met some nice people in the church.
  • She later remarked how nice people were in comparison to wartime Paris, in which poverty and deprivation had caused people to be bitter and violent.
  • Regarding Betty Applewhite and the mystery storyline of her family, series creator Marc Cherry stated: "They come on the street; they seem like nice people — but they've got a secret.
  • Cherry revealed, "they come on the street; they seem like nice people — but they've got a secret.

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