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nicely said {adj}nett gesagt
Nicely said.Schön gesagt.
he-said-she-said-case [his word against hers]
Aussage-gegen-Aussage-Fall {m} [Vergewaltigung oder sexuelle Belästigung]
it's a "he said - she said" [Am.]es steht Aussage gegen Aussage
nicely {adv}nett
nicely {adv}schön
nicely {adv}angenehm
nicely {adv}liebenswürdig
nicely {adv}auf nette Weise
nicely writtennett geschrieben
nicely styledmodisch gestaltet
to ask nicelyhöflich fragen
Nicely done!Gut gemacht!
to be doing nicelygut vorankommen
It dovetails nicely.Es passt gut zusammen.
nicely done up {adj}nett eingerichtet [Räumlichkeit, Restaurant etc.]
It is going nicely.Es läuft wie geschmiert. [Redewendung]
to go nicely with sth.gut zu etw.Dat. passen
to distinguish nicely (between sth.)(zwischen etw.Dat.) fein unterscheiden
That will do nicely.
Das genügt vollauf.
to do nicely for oneself [derogative]sich's richten [österr.]
Play nicely. [Br.] [Don't quarrel.]Vertragt euch!
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Lionsgate distribution topper Steve Rothenberg said, "It will be a nicely profitable film for us."
  • The staff at "Impact Press" said Kensrue's singing "nicely offsets the force of the screaming, and more importantly doesn¹t sound wimpy".
  • As a token of appreciation, his teammates bought him 100 bottles of wine, of which he said "I think that will furnish me nicely into retirement!
  • Tayler said that the letter "was worded as nicely as such a thing can be".
  • People started honoring and worship with the passage of the next generations of these two godly brothers were looked after very nicely by the people.

  • Lehman to remark that "the novel's allusion to Conrad works nicely, even if it is not really an allusion to Conrad".
  • Ron Wolf believed that Rhodes' experience and player-friendly demeanor would fit nicely in Green Bay's veteran locker room, but Rhodes was fired after one 8–8 season.
  • He praised Parton's new version of "Light of a Clear Blue Morning", saying that it "polishes up nicely—all the L.A.
  • The rest of the episode gets into Skinner’s life nicely.
  • Jacobson went on to say he enjoyed the flashback concept and that the episode develops the characters "nicely" and gives the viewers "a good sense for the era in which it takes place".

  • canary-yellow Lamborghini's license plate reads "Caca King" in "Envy", nicely summing up this dreadful money-versus-friendship comedy".
  • Jacobson added that the episode "jabs the idle rich nicely", and he enjoyed the golf scenes with Homer.
  • What you are left with is a riotously enjoyable story of Jones 'The Voice' which nicely doubles as the story of British pop and light entertainment from the Sixties onwards."
  • "Playboy" gave the same console version a score of 90% and stated, "Virtually every element of "Red Faction" is nicely polished – even the controls are intuitive, unlike most console shooters, which make PC gaming vets long for a keyboard and mouse."
  • "Sight & Sound" wrote that the film's satire "gives way to a few nicely nasty moments" but that the film never tops the visual flair of the opening credits.

  • A 2008 review of the episode written by Ahsan Haque of IGN was generally positive; Haque stated that while he did not believe "Chitty Chitty Death Bang" was an "instant classic", it has "plenty of memorable moments" and "a nicely crafted storyline".
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