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NOUN   niceness | nicenesses
SYNO niceness | politeness | subtlety
nicenessNettigkeit {f}
nicenessGenauigkeit {f}
nicenessFeinheit {f} [beim Unterscheiden]
nicenessNettheit {f}
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  • Kansas City also has a newer rivalry with Minnesota United FC known as the "Nicest Rivalry In Sports" due to "their general regional proximity in a location known for niceness."
  • At the emergency room, House suspects Jeff's extreme niceness and inability to get angry is a major symptom of an underlying condition.
  • Cyber-bullying can be done anonymously. Encouraging and rewarding 'niceness on the net' is their approach to eliminate the practice as an acceptable activity.
  • Parsty is quite protective of Plasmo and she will assert herself against bullying characters, such as Coredor, if she senses they are trying to exploit Plasmo's niceness and friendliness.
  • All that Goldstar wished to do was encourage niceness, decency and heroism in the universe.

  • Toone gets everyone to break free of typecasting and take on a new role that is outside their comfort zone, and Ollie, appointed as director, treats his cast harshly in a bid to shake his reputation for niceness.
  • Rosemary has a huge crush on Fernando, but his mean attitude towards her and his "niceness" towards Nadja is one of the things that causes Rosemary's betrayal.
  • The plot focuses on the relationship of a mother and her daughter, and how the mother's niceness causes a rift between the daughter and mother with the daughter believing her mother is being a 'doormat'.
  • When Mildred tells them about Ethel being nice for a change, Enid suggests she may have taken a "niceness course" during the holidays.
  • In an interview for RTÉ show "The Live Mike", James claimed that the aggression of this approach was both helpful and healthy, and a counterpoint to a society that "puts a premium on mediocrity and niceness, and being sweet and being polite".

  • When she isn't patching Nodwick together or scolding Yeagar and Artax for their general naughtiness, Piffany spends her time proselytizing in the name of niceness and baking the universe's best cookies – the recipe of which was used to settle a dispute among the gods once.
  • Thus attempts to gain social status are punished while norms of "niceness" (which is defined as a lack of competitiveness) and equality dominates as a social norm amongst females.
  • Paglia commented in an interview with "Playboy", "Realize the degree to which your niceness may invoke people to say lewd and pornographic things to you—sometimes to violate your niceness.
  • She furthermore describes the situation as "Not Fair" because while he plays the perfect boyfriend in every other way, he's selfish when it comes to their sex life ("all you do is take") – thus the song gives the impression that all his niceness and concern may have been just a face to get what he wants from his girlfriend without any genuine concern with her satisfaction and happiness.
  • The website also awards a Golden Apple of Kindness award for members of the literary community who have demonstrated "niceness"; previous winners include Rosemary Ahern, the former director of Washington Square Press, and short story writer Jacob M.

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