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NOUN   a night raid | night raids
night raid
Nachtangriff {m}
night-for-night [film, movie]
Nachtaufnahmen {pl}
raidStreifzug {m} [Raubzug]
Kommandounternehmen {n}
raidEinfall {m} [Überfall, Angriff]
to raidüberfallen
raidÜberfall {m}
raidAngriff {m}
raidRazzia {f}
raidRaubzug {m}
Viking raid
Raubzug {m} der Wikinger
bombing raid
Bombenangriff {m}
armed raidbewaffneter Überfall {m}
raid (on)Überfall {m} (auf)
bank raidBanküberfall {m}
police raidPolizeirazzia {f}
tax raid
Steuerraubzug {m} [ugs.]
drugs raid
Drogenrazzia {f}
lightning raidBlitzüberfall {m}
terror raidTerrorangriff {m}
border raidGrenzüberfall {m}
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  • The description of Gan Ning's night raid on Cao Cao's camp at the Battle of Ruxu in the novel is more vivid as compared to that mentioned in his biography.
  • German aircraft returning from a night raid on Liverpool in 1940 jettisoned surplus bombs over the village, obliterating Church Row (the houses have since been rebuilt).
  • In 1366 the counts of Freiburg made another failed attempt to occupy the city during a night raid.
  • He dupes Guan to launch a night raid on Song Jiang‘s camp.
  • Wells, participated in a night raid on Kildin Island that wiped out a Russian garrison.

  • In 1941 it was hit by a bomb during a night raid and was destroyed. It was rebuilt in a temporary fashion, and in the mid-1950s it caught fire and was subsequently rebuilt.
  • Britain's first airborne assault took place on February 10, 1941, when 'X' Troop, No 11 Special Air Service Battalion (which was formed from No 2 Commando and subsequently became 1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment) dropped into southern Italy from converted Whitley bombers flying from Malta and demolished a span of the aqueduct near Tragino in a daring night raid named Operation Colossus.
  • The squadron was part of the first major bombing raid on Germany, a night raid on oil infrastructure in the Ruhr on 15 May 1940.
  • First, her boats conducted a night raid on Kildin Island that wiped out a Russian garrison.
  • After an initial skirmish and a night raid on the Shu camp, Sima Yi received orders from the Wei emperor Cao Rui to hold his ground and refrain from engaging the Shu forces.

  • In late June one German bomb load in a night raid hit Rokossovsky's HQ, and he escaped only because on a whim he had decided to set up his signals group in the officers' mess.
  • On 5 June 1792, Lotf Ali Khan, with a small force of his men, made a bold night raid on Agha Mohammad Khan's encampment near Persepolis.
  • Strasser did not live to see the end of the war. On 5 August 1918, during a night raid against Boston, Norwich, and the Humber Estuary, Strasser's L 70 met a British reconnaissance D.H.4.
  • when Cao Cao was at war with a rival warlord Lü Bu in Yan Province, he launched a surprise night raid on one of Lü Bu's camps located 40-50 "li" west of Puyang County and destroyed it before dawn.
  • On 14 July 2011, according to a spokesman for the provincial government, NATO ground troops killed six civilians in a night raid of the village of Toora Worai, in an area known as Matoon, about seven kilometres from the Khost provincial capital of Khost city.

  • A night raid on the La Chapelle railway station in the 18th arrondissement on 20–21 April 1944 killed between 640 and 670 persons and destroyed hundreds of buildings.
  • Ishiwara is a supporting character in the Japanese alternate history anime series "Night Raid 1931", set in China and Japan and chronicling a secret conspiracy of superpowered spies and military officers mainly in "Manchukuo", the puppet state of the Empire of Japan in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia from 1932 until 1945.
  • made a night raid into Haiphong Harbor shelling the port area from a distance of [...].
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