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2 Wörter: Andere
ninety thousandneunzigtausend
ninety-day {adj} [attr.]neunzigtägig
2 Wörter: Substantive
ninety-somethings­ [coll.]Menschen {pl} in ihren Neunzigern [ugs.]
3 Wörter: Andere
lasting ninety days {adj} [postpos.]neunzigtägig
ninety-year-old {adj} [attr.] <90-year-old>neunzigjährig <90-jährig>
3 Wörter: Verben
to increase ninety-fold(sich) verneunzigfachen
3 Wörter: Substantive
ninety days' loanDreimonatsgeld {n}
ninety-day loan
Dreimonatsgeld {n}
ninety-day wonder [coll. for an officer commissioned after an unusually short training] [WWII, U.S. Armed Forces]
[2. WK, umgangssprachliche Bezeichnung in den US-Streitkräften für kurzausgebildete Offiziere]
ninety-year-old [female] <90-year-old>Neunzigjährige {f} <90-Jährige>
ninety-year-old <90-year-old>Neunzigjähriger {m} <90-Jähriger>
ninety-year-oldsNeunzigjährige {pl}
4 Wörter: Andere
eight hundred and ninetyachthundertneunzig
ninety-eight-year-old {adj} [attr.] <98-year-old>achtundneunzigjährig <98-jährig>
ninety-five-year-old {adj} [attr.] <95-year-old>fünfundneunzigjährig <95-jährig>
ninety-four-year-old {adj} [attr.] <94-year-old>vierundneunzigjährig <94-jährig>
ninety-nine-year-old {adj} [attr.] <99-year-old>neunundneunzigjährig <99-jährig>
ninety-one-year-old {adj} [attr.] <91-year-old>einundneunzigjährig <91-jährig>
ninety-seven-year-old {adj} [attr.] <97-year-old>siebenundneunzigjährig <97-jährig>
ninety-six-year-old {adj} [attr.] <96-year-old>sechsundneunzigjährig <96-jährig>
ninety-three-year-old {adj} [attr.] <93-year-old>dreiundneunzigjährig <93-jährig>
ninety-two-year-old {adj} [attr.] <92-year-old>zweiundneunzigjährig <92-jährig>
4 Wörter: Substantive
a man of ninetyein Neunzigjähriger {m}
ninety minutes by airneunzig Flugminuten {pl}
ninety-degree parking layout [layout for parking cars at 90° to traffic flow]
Senkrechtaufstellung {f} [Straßenentwurf, Parken]
ninety-eight-year-old [female] <98-year-old>Achtundneunzigjährige {f} <98-Jährige>
ninety-eight-year-old <98-year-old>Achtundneunzigjähriger {m} <98-Jähriger>
ninety-five-year-old [female] <95-year-old>Fünfundneunzigjährige {f} <95-Jährige>
ninety-five-year-old <95-year-old>Fünfundneunzigjähriger {m} <95-Jähriger>
ninety-four-year-old [female] <94-year-old>Vierundneunzigjährige {f} <94-Jährige>
ninety-four-year-old <94-year-old>Vierundneunzigjähriger {m} <94-Jähriger>
ninety-nine-year-old [female] <99-year-old>Neunundneunzigjährige {f} <99-Jährige>
ninety-nine-year-old <99-year-old>Neunundneunzigjähriger {m} <99-Jähriger>
ninety-one-year-old [female] <91-year-old>Einundneunzigjährige {f} <91-Jährige>
ninety-one-year-old <91-year-old>Einundneunzigjähriger {m} <91-Jähriger>
ninety-seven-year-old [female] <97-year-old>Siebenundneunzigjährige {f} <97-Jährige>
ninety-seven-year-old <97-year-old>Siebenundneunzigjähriger {m} <97-Jähriger>
ninety-six-year-old [female] <96-year-old>Sechsundneunzigjährige {f} <96-Jährige>
ninety-six-year-old <96-year-old>Sechsundneunzigjähriger {m} <96-Jähriger>
ninety-three-year-old [female] <93-year-old>Dreiundneunzigjährige {f} <93-Jährige>
ninety-three-year-old <93-year-old>Dreiundneunzigjähriger {m} <93-Jähriger>
ninety-two-year-old [female] <92-year-old>Zweiundneunzigjährige {f} <92-Jährige>
ninety-two-year-old <92-year-old>Zweiundneunzigjähriger {m} <92-Jähriger>
5+ Wörter: Substantive
a fit ninety-year-oldein fitter Neunziger {m} [ugs.]
a fit ninety-year-old [female]eine fitte Neunzigerin {f} [ugs.]
people {pl} above ninety (years of age) <... 90 ...>Über-Neunzig-Jährige {pl} <Über-90-Jährige>
the placarding of the Ninety-Five Propositions
der Anschlag {m} der 95 Thesen
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Übersetzung für 'ninety' von Englisch nach Deutsch


ninety thousand
ninety-day {adj} [attr.]

ninety-somethings­ [coll.]
Menschen {pl} in ihren Neunzigern [ugs.]

lasting ninety days {adj} [postpos.]
ninety-year-old {adj} [attr.] <90-year-old>
neunzigjährig <90-jährig>

to increase ninety-fold
(sich) verneunzigfachen

ninety days' loan
Dreimonatsgeld {n}
ninety-day loan
Dreimonatsgeld {n}fin.
ninety-day wonder [coll. for an officer commissioned after an unusually short training] [WWII, U.S. Armed Forces]
[2. WK, umgangssprachliche Bezeichnung in den US-Streitkräften für kurzausgebildete Offiziere]hist.mil.
ninety-year-old [female] <90-year-old>
Neunzigjährige {f} <90-Jährige>
ninety-year-old <90-year-old>
Neunzigjähriger {m} <90-Jähriger>
Neunzigjährige {pl}

eight hundred and ninety
ninety-eight-year-old {adj} [attr.] <98-year-old>
achtundneunzigjährig <98-jährig>
ninety-five-year-old {adj} [attr.] <95-year-old>
fünfundneunzigjährig <95-jährig>
ninety-four-year-old {adj} [attr.] <94-year-old>
vierundneunzigjährig <94-jährig>
ninety-nine-year-old {adj} [attr.] <99-year-old>
neunundneunzigjährig <99-jährig>
ninety-one-year-old {adj} [attr.] <91-year-old>
einundneunzigjährig <91-jährig>
ninety-seven-year-old {adj} [attr.] <97-year-old>
siebenundneunzigjährig <97-jährig>
ninety-six-year-old {adj} [attr.] <96-year-old>
sechsundneunzigjährig <96-jährig>
ninety-three-year-old {adj} [attr.] <93-year-old>
dreiundneunzigjährig <93-jährig>
ninety-two-year-old {adj} [attr.] <92-year-old>
zweiundneunzigjährig <92-jährig>

a man of ninety
ein Neunzigjähriger {m}
ninety minutes by air
neunzig Flugminuten {pl}
ninety-degree parking layout [layout for parking cars at 90° to traffic flow]
Senkrechtaufstellung {f} [Straßenentwurf, Parken]traffic
ninety-eight-year-old [female] <98-year-old>
Achtundneunzigjährige {f} <98-Jährige>
ninety-eight-year-old <98-year-old>
Achtundneunzigjähriger {m} <98-Jähriger>
ninety-five-year-old [female] <95-year-old>
Fünfundneunzigjährige {f} <95-Jährige>
ninety-five-year-old <95-year-old>
Fünfundneunzigjähriger {m} <95-Jähriger>
ninety-four-year-old [female] <94-year-old>
Vierundneunzigjährige {f} <94-Jährige>
ninety-four-year-old <94-year-old>
Vierundneunzigjähriger {m} <94-Jähriger>
ninety-nine-year-old [female] <99-year-old>
Neunundneunzigjährige {f} <99-Jährige>
ninety-nine-year-old <99-year-old>
Neunundneunzigjähriger {m} <99-Jähriger>
ninety-one-year-old [female] <91-year-old>
Einundneunzigjährige {f} <91-Jährige>
ninety-one-year-old <91-year-old>
Einundneunzigjähriger {m} <91-Jähriger>
ninety-seven-year-old [female] <97-year-old>
Siebenundneunzigjährige {f} <97-Jährige>
ninety-seven-year-old <97-year-old>
Siebenundneunzigjähriger {m} <97-Jähriger>
ninety-six-year-old [female] <96-year-old>
Sechsundneunzigjährige {f} <96-Jährige>
ninety-six-year-old <96-year-old>
Sechsundneunzigjähriger {m} <96-Jähriger>
ninety-three-year-old [female] <93-year-old>
Dreiundneunzigjährige {f} <93-Jährige>
ninety-three-year-old <93-year-old>
Dreiundneunzigjähriger {m} <93-Jähriger>
ninety-two-year-old [female] <92-year-old>
Zweiundneunzigjährige {f} <92-Jährige>
ninety-two-year-old <92-year-old>
Zweiundneunzigjähriger {m} <92-Jähriger>

a fit ninety-year-old
ein fitter Neunziger {m} [ugs.]
a fit ninety-year-old [female]
eine fitte Neunzigerin {f} [ugs.]
people {pl} above ninety (years of age) <... 90 ...>
Über-Neunzig-Jährige {pl} <Über-90-Jährige>
the placarding of the Ninety-Five Propositions
der Anschlag {m} der 95 Thesenhist.relig.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • As a reference standard, MVP is usually given with a population survival probability of somewhere between ninety and ninety-five percent and calculated for between one hundred and one thousand years into the future.
  • Decades sibuntēhund "seventy", ahtáutēhund "eighty", niuntēhund "ninety" and taíhuntēhund/taíhuntaíhund "one hundred" are normally undeclined, but genitive niuntēhundis "of ninety" occurs.
  • In Matt Lucas's autobiography, he wrote that HBO wanted to relaunch the show but first they wanted a ninety-minute special.
  • Cutajar (2011) lists ninety-nine names of those that were arrested during the mentioned revolts.
  • The numbers "ninety-nine" or "sixty-six" are traditionally mentioned.

  • The university has a consistently high graduate employment rate of around ninety to ninety-five per cent.
  • "Millionth" can also mean the ordinal number that comes after the nine hundred, ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred, ninety-ninth and before the million and first.
  • After a short-lived celebration, in which Harbottle points out that "Gladstone" is ninety years old and Porter claims it is good for another ninety, the engine explodes after its hectic journey, and Porter, Harbottle and Albert lower their hats in respect.
  • Klein was one of ninety-three signatories of the Manifesto of the Ninety-Three, a document penned in support of the German invasion of Belgium in the early stages of World War I.
  • A direct translation of the title is sometimes given as "Ninety-Nine Air Balloons", but the song became known in English as "Ninety-Nine Red Balloons".

  • A ninety-gun salute was fired at Hyde Park to mark the ninety years of Churchill's life.
  • In 2019, Producers Savings Bank Corporation acquired ninety-nine point ninety-eight percent (99.98%) of PBCom Rural Bank's stock capital making the rural bank a fully owned subsidiary until it is merged with Producers Bank.
  • The languages Lanmeng, Huaipa, Dakao, Laopin are similar to Pyen and Bisu, but have a ninety-three to ninety-five percent lexical similarity to Laomian and Laopin and eighty-eight percent to Bisu in Thailand.
  • Unlike unfair dismissal disputes, unfair-labour-practice disputes are required, by section 191 of the Labour Relations Act 1995, to be referred within ninety days of the relevant act or omission, or ninety days from the date on which the employee became aware of the act or occurrence.
  •  It is known that there are about "ninety-nine lakh ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine" idols that can be found here.

  • The school has a ninety-eight percent or better graduation rate on average, and ninety percent of graduates attend a post-secondary institution.
  • The ninety eight Iridium satellites used the LM-700A configuration, specialised for communications.
  • The company had accumulated fines totaling $135,569 from ninety incidents since 1988.
  • In ninety-nine, players bid for the number of tricks that they will take; players who gain exactly that number of tricks (no more or less) gain a significant bonus.
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