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NOUN   nobelium | -
SYNO atomic number 102 | No | nobelium
nobelium <No>
Nobelium {n} <No>
nobelium atom
Nobeliumatom {n}
nobelium isotope
Nobeliumisotop {n} [auch: Nobelium-Isotop]
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  • The reaction was used in 1969 to study some initial chemistry of nobelium at the FLNR.
  • He was part of the Berkeley team that claimed discovery of the synthetic transuranic elements of nobelium and lawrencium.
  • Chemistry experiments have confirmed that nobelium behaves as a heavier homolog to ytterbium in the periodic table.
  • In the periodic table, mendelevium is located to the right of the actinide fermium, to the left of the actinide nobelium, and below the lanthanide thulium.
  • Long-lived isotopes of nobelium and isotopes of lawrencium (and of heavier elements) have relatively short half-lives.

  • For element 105, they proposed "joliotium" (Jl) after the French physicist Frédéric Joliot-Curie, a contributor to the development of nuclear physics and chemistry; this name was originally proposed by the Soviet team for element 102, which by then had long been called nobelium.
  • It can thus be considered a heavier congener of nobelium, which likewise has a pair of easily removed 7s2 electrons over a stable [...]5f14 core, and is usually in the +2 state (strong oxidisers are required to obtain nobelium in the +3 state).
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