Übersetzung für 'nonverbal' von Englisch nach Deutsch
ADJ   nonverbal | - | -
SYNO gestural | nonverbal
nonverbal {adj}nonverbal
nonverbal {adj}wortlos
nonverbal {adj}
nonverbal {adj}nicht verbal
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Übersetzung für 'nonverbal' von Englisch nach Deutsch

nonverbal {adj}



nicht verbal
  • nonverbal = nonverbal
  • nonverbal = nonverbally
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • their nonverbal behavior or their appearance), called recall accuracy, and remembering one’s own nonverbal behavior (nonverbal self-accuracy) is subsumed under the label of IPA.
  • Nonverbal learning disability is characterized by normal verbal abilities but impaired visuospatial abilities.
  • Nonverbal communication cues are often subconscious and difficult to control.
  • The "Journal of Nonverbal Behavior" is a quarterly peer-reviewed psychology journal covering the study of nonverbal communication.
  • Nonverbal (NV) Influence is the art of effecting or inspiring change in others' behaviors and attitudes by way of tone of voice or body language and other cues like facial expression.

  • All nonverbal behaviors contribute to maintaining balance but researchers focus mostly on three nonverbal behaviors of intimacy and their relationship, which include eye contact, physical proximity and need for affiliation.
  • Ekman's interest in nonverbal communication led to his first publication in 1957, describing how difficult it was to develop ways of empirically measuring nonverbal behaviour.
  • Nonverbal communication is the process of communications by sending and receiving messages without speaking.
  • The majority of these theories are outlined in her book "Nonverbal Communication".
  • Nonverbal symbolic communication is not to be confused with nonverbal communication (NVC), which is a broader category that includes nonsymbolic communication as well as symbolic.

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