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not elsewhere identified {adj} <n.e.i.>
nicht näher bestimmt <n.n.b., NNB>
not elsewhere specified <NES>nicht anderweitig spezifiziert <NAS>
not elsewhere specified <nes>
ohne nähere Angabe <o.n.A.>
not elsewhere classified <NEC> [code title]
anderenorts nicht klassifiziert [Kodierrichtlinie]
not elsewhere classified {adj} <n.e.c.> [customs classification]
anderweitig nicht genannt <a. n. g.> [Zolltarifnummern]
symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings­, not elsewhere classified [R00-R99]
Symptome {pl} und abnorme klinische und Laborbefunde, die anderenorts nicht klassifiziert sind
not elsewhere specified {adj} <NES, nes>
nicht anderweitig genannt <n.a.g., NAG>
identified {adj} {past-p}kenntlich gemacht
identified {adj} {past-p}identifiziert
identified {adj} {past-p}gleichgesetzt
identified {adj} {past-p}erkannt
identified {adj} {past-p}gekennzeichnet
identified {adj} {past-p}bezeichnet
sb. identifiedjd. identifizierte
self-identified {adj}selbsternannt
otherwise identified {adj}anderweitig kenntlich gemacht
otherwise identified {adj}auf andere Weise kenntlich gemacht
otherwise identified {adj}auf irgendeine andere Art kenntlich gemacht
He identified himself.Er wies sich aus.
Some ... can be identified.Einige ... lassen sich ausmachen.
Something can be identified.Etwas lässt sich ausmachen.
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  • The epithets or by-names applied to Faunus in the inscriptions have been identified as containing Celtic (Gaulish or British) linguistic elements, supporting the supposition that any cult of Faunus which they represent was Romano-British, not one that consisted of devotees from elsewhere in the Roman Empire.
  • For this reason, she is not comfortable being identified as the sole author.
  • The advantage to the photographer was that almost all settings were readily identified even when the camera was not switched on - just like a classic camera.
  • The Phoenician consonants "kaph" and "qōph" represented sounds that were not distinctive in Greek—at most, they may have been identified with allophones determined by the following vowel.
  • robustus" was only definitively identified at Kromdraai and Swartkrans until around the turn of the century when the species was reported elsewhere in the Cradle of Humankind at Sterkfontein, Gondolin, Cooper's, and Drimolen Caves.

  • 191), the Buddha's Great Disciple Sariputta clarifies that the actual suffering associated with sense organs and sense objects is not "inherent" to these sense bases but is due to the "fetters" (here identified as "desire and lust") that arise when there is contact between a sense organ and sense object.
  • Although we are not told of Tom's suggestion for a key, the message can be intuitively decoded and the code's key can then be identified as being "Tom's a-cold", representing his isolation and loneliness.
  • Modern archaeologists have not agreed on whether the site of Baalath-Beer can be identified.
  • Another SNP of interest is S133 which was first identified in 2008 at Ethnoancestry in London, England in a G-M406 person, but it is also available as L90 elsewhere.
  • Several witnesses identified him as being part of the mob, but other witnesses said he was elsewhere at the time.

  • The unusually large, for its time, and substantial dwelling exemplifies a construction method&mdash; heavy timber frame with log infill&mdash; seen elsewhere in the mid-Atlantic Germanic settlement areas but not previously identified in North Carolina.
  • He has not been identified; research continues. Aesthetically it is mostly in the Shingle Style of the late 19th century.
  • The Y chromosome has been identified from two localities in Ghana and in a laboratory strain that originated in Nigeria and the Z chromosome has been confirmed to exist in individuals from western and eastern Ghana.
  • He carried no documents that would have identified him.
  • But county officials emphasized that no alternative site had been identified, and no budget proposals or even preliminary architectural discussions had occurred.

  • He had a long career with over 90 identified paintings to his credit.
  • All three copies of Bevis’s intended Uranographia have now been identified.
  • To gain support of the English-identified population of South Africa, Verwoerd appointed several English-speakers to his cabinet.
  • Camden's "Remaines" is often the earliest or sole usage cited for a word in the "Oxford English Dictionary"; and further significant early usages (including new words and antedatings) have since been identified.
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