Übersetzung für 'now' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   now | -
SYNO at present | now | nowadays | ...
now {adv}jetzt
now {adv}nun
now {adv}eben [soeben, gerade jetzt]
now {adv} [by now]mittlerweile [inzwischen]
now {adv}gleich [sofort]
now {adv}nunmehr [geh.] [nun (schon)]
Now, ... ?Also, ... ?
now {adv}itzt [veraltet] [jetzt]
now {adv}dermalen [veraltet]
now {adv}jetzo [veraltet]
now {adv}jetzund [veraltet]
now {adv}schon (mal) [jetzt]
now {adv}schon (einmal) [jetzt]
now {adv}itzo [veraltet] [jetzt]
now {adv}itzund [veraltet] [jetzt]
2 Wörter: Andere
before now {adv}vor dem jetzigen Zeitpunkt
but nowerst jetzt
by now {adv}bis jetzt
by now {adv}inzwischen
by now {adv}jetzt schon
by now {adv}nunmehr [geh.]
by now {adv}mittlerweile [bis jetzt]
by now {adv} [already](schon) längst
Come now!Komm jetzt!
Come now! [Br.] [Don't worry about it.]Macht nichts! [ugs.]
Come now! [dated] [idiom] [expressing doubt or disbelief] Ach, komm! [ugs.] [Redewendung] [als Ausdruck von Ungläubigkeit]
Come now! [idiom]Nun mach aber halblang! [ugs.] [Redewendung]
ere now {adv} [archaic]vorher
ere now {adv} [archaic]vordem [geh.]
even now {adv}sogar jetzt
even now {adv}schon jetzt
even now {adv}selbst jetzt
even now {adv}gerade in dem Moment
for now {adv}derzeit
for now {adv}im Moment
for now {adv}vorläufig
for now {adv}fürs Erste
for now {adv}einstweilen
for now {adv}im Augenblick
for now {adv}erstmal [ugs.]
for now {adv}(jetzt) erst einmal
for now {adv}für den Augenblick
for now {adv} [for the present]vorerst
How now? [archaic]Was soll das bedeuten?
just (now{adv}vorhin
just now {adv}soeben
just now {adv}momentan
just now {adv}im Moment
just now {adv}eben noch
just now {adv}eben jetzt
just now {adv}gerade jetzt
just now {adv}gerade eben (noch)
just now {adv}gerade [jetzt, eben]
just now {adv}gegenwärtig [gerade jetzt]
Now (that) ...Jetzt, wo ...
now defunct {adj}heute nicht mehr existierend
Now go.Geh jetzt.
Now go.Geht jetzt.
Now really!Also bitte! [rügend]
Now that ...Nun, da ...
Now that ...Jetzt, wo ...
now thennun also
Now then!Wohlan! [veraltend]
Now what?Und was jetzt?
now-defunct {adj}heute nicht mehr bestehend
Now, now, ... [comforting]Na, na, na, ... [beruhigend]
Now, now! [warning, reprimanding]Na, na, na! [warnend, tadelnd]
Now, now! [warning, reprimanding]Na, na, na, na! [warnend, tadelnd]
Now, now!Aber, aber!
Now, therefore, ... [in contracts]
In Anbetracht des Folgenden ... [in Verträgen]
only now {adv}nun erst
only now {adv}erst jetzt
only now {adv}jetzt erst
only now {adv}erst nun [seltener für: erst jetzt]
Out now! [on sale]
Jetzt im Handel!
right now {adv}gerade jetzt
right now {adv}jetzt sofort
right now {adv}im Augenblick
right now {adv}jetzt gleich [ugs.] [sofort]
right now {adv} [at this moment] <RN>gerade (jetzt)
the now {adv} [Scot.]im Moment
till now {adv}bis jetzt
until now {adv}bisher
until now {adv}bislang
until now {adv}bis jetzt
until now {adj} [postpos.]bisherig
Well now, ...Also, ...
What now?Was nun?
2 Wörter: Substantive
Jetztzeit {f}
3 Wörter: Andere
(now) as ever {adv}nach wie vor
(Now) push off! [sl.]Verzieh dich (jetzt)! [ugs.]
as from now {adv}von jetzt an
as from now {adv}von jetzt ab [ugs.]
as of now {adv}ab nun
as of now {adv}ab jetzt
as of now {adv}ab sofort
as of now {adv}von jetzt an
as of now {adv}von nun ab [ugs.]
as of now {adv}von jetzt ab [ugs.]
as of now {adv}mit sofortiger Wirkung
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Übersetzung für 'now' von Englisch nach Deutsch

now {adv}


eben [soeben, gerade jetzt]

gleich [sofort]

nunmehr [geh.] [nun (schon)]

itzt [veraltet] [jetzt]

dermalen [veraltet]

jetzo [veraltet]

jetzund [veraltet]

schon (mal) [jetzt]

schon (einmal) [jetzt]

itzo [veraltet] [jetzt]

itzund [veraltet] [jetzt]
now {adv} [by now]
mittlerweile [inzwischen]
Now, ... ?
Also, ... ?

before now {adv}
vor dem jetzigen Zeitpunkt
but now
erst jetzt
by now {adv}
bis jetzt


jetzt schon

nunmehr [geh.]

mittlerweile [bis jetzt]
by now {adv} [already]
(schon) längst
Come now!
Komm jetzt!
Come now! [Br.] [Don't worry about it.]
Macht nichts! [ugs.]
Come now! [dated] [idiom] [expressing doubt or disbelief]
Ach, komm! [ugs.] [Redewendung] [als Ausdruck von Ungläubigkeit]
Come now! [idiom]
Nun mach aber halblang! [ugs.] [Redewendung]
ere now {adv} [archaic]
ere now {adv} [archaic]
vordem [geh.]
even now {adv}
sogar jetzt

schon jetzt

selbst jetzt

gerade in dem Moment
for now {adv}

im Moment


fürs Erste


im Augenblick

erstmal [ugs.]

(jetzt) erst einmal

für den Augenblick
for now {adv} [for the present]
How now? [archaic]
Was soll das bedeuten?
just (now) {adv}
just now {adv}


im Moment

eben noch

eben jetzt

gerade jetzt

gerade eben (noch)

gerade [jetzt, eben]

gegenwärtig [gerade jetzt]
Now (that) ...
Jetzt, wo ...
now defunct {adj}
heute nicht mehr existierend
Now go.
Geh jetzt.

Geht jetzt.
Now really!
Also bitte! [rügend]
Now that ...
Nun, da ...

Jetzt, wo ...
now then
nun also
Now then!
Wohlan! [veraltend]
Now what?
Und was jetzt?
now-defunct {adj}
heute nicht mehr bestehend
Now, now, ... [comforting]
Na, na, na, ... [beruhigend]
Now, now! [warning, reprimanding]
Na, na, na! [warnend, tadelnd]

Na, na, na, na! [warnend, tadelnd]
Now, now!
Aber, aber!
Now, therefore, ... [in contracts]
In Anbetracht des Folgenden ... [in Verträgen]law
only now {adv}
nun erst

erst jetzt

jetzt erst

erst nun [seltener für: erst jetzt]
Out now! [on sale]
Jetzt im Handel!comm.market.
right now {adv}
gerade jetzt

jetzt sofort

im Augenblick

jetzt gleich [ugs.] [sofort]
right now {adv} [at this moment] <RN>
gerade (jetzt)
the now {adv} [Scot.]
im Moment
till now {adv}
bis jetzt
until now {adv}


bis jetzt
until now {adj} [postpos.]
Well now, ...
Also, ...
What now?
Was nun?

Jetztzeit {f}philos.

(now) as ever {adv}
nach wie vor
(Now) push off! [sl.]
Verzieh dich (jetzt)! [ugs.]
as from now {adv}
von jetzt an

von jetzt ab [ugs.]
as of now {adv}
ab nun

ab jetzt

ab sofort

von jetzt an

von nun ab [ugs.]

von jetzt ab [ugs.]

mit sofortiger Wirkung
  • Apocalypse Now = Apocalypse Now [Francis Ford Coppola]
  • Die Unfassbaren – Now You See Me = Now You See Me [Louis Leterrier]
  • Now and Then – Damals und heute = Now and Then [Lesli Linka Glatter]
alle anzeigen ...
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • This building was one of Dublin's six original rail termini, the others being Westland Row (now Pearse Station) Amiens Street (now Connolly Station), Kingsbridge (now Heuston Station), North Wall and Harcourt Street (now a bar and nightclub complex).
  • The "Wauwatosa News-Times" (now "Wauwatosa NOW") dates back to March 1899, the "West Allis Star" (now "Greenfield-West Allis NOW") was first published on December 14, 1916, and the "Whitefish Bay Herald" (now "North Shore NOW") first issue was released on June 12, 1930.
  • Tsuji's school spread mainly in four domains: Himeji (now a city in Hyogo Prefecture), Isezaki (now part of Gunma Prefecture), Koromo (now Toyota city of Aichi Prefecture) and Tosa (now Kochi Prefecture).
  • NOW published a national newsletter, "Do It NOW", beginning in 1970, edited by Muriel Fox. From 1977, the journal has been known as the "National NOW Times" (...).
  • In 1924, it was split into Karakalpak Autonomous Oblast (now Karakalpakstan), Kara-Kirghiz Autonomous Oblast (now Kyrgyzstan), Tajik ASSR (now Tajikistan), Turkmen SSR (now Turkmenistan), and Uzbek SSR (now Uzbekistan).

  • A small caravan on the 'Castle Green' at the foot of Carrick's 12th-century Norman Castle gave home to presenters on the first day including Paul Buckle (now BBC NI), Stuart Robinson (now Cool FM /Downtown), Ricky K (now Citybeat), Natasha Sayee (now BBC NI) and Eddie West (now Cool FM / Downtown).
  • The town was composed only of the following barrios: "Nipaon" now Ichon, "Hingatigan" now Amparo, "Maypague" now Aguinaldo, "Catong" now Flordeliz and "Panasawa" now San Roque.
  • The people of the old Calagan were originally from Ilihan (now Panikian), Calagan (now Calagda-an), Parasao (now Palasao) and Bayuyo (now Union, Manga and San Antonio).
  • Upon dissolution, the Turkestan ASSR was split into Uzbek SSR (now Uzbekistan), Turkmen SSR (now Turkmenistan) with the Tajik ASSR (now Tajikistan), Kara-Kirghiz Autonomous Oblast (now Kyrgyzstan), and Karakalpak Autonomous Oblast (now Autonomous Republic of Uzbekistan as Karakalpakstan).
  • Mazi Odugbo Ajonu also begat Mazi Eme Agwara now at Umuogwara Nnono, Mazi Ebula Ọgụ now Ogbuebulle, Mazi Awuru Ogu, now Umu Awuru at Ibere and Mazi Odu, now the Lodu at Ibeku.

  • Later were added other cities in north-central Dalmatia, like Sebenicum (now Šibenik), Flumen (now Rijeka), and Pagus (now Pag).
  • Romedy Now's HD counterpart was earlier known as Romedy Now+, was launched along with Romedy Now, which was renamed Romedy Now HD later and shut down on 1 August 2021.
  • There were four TV channels: TV1 (now SABC1), TV2 (now SABC2), TV3 (now SABC3), and later came Etv.
  • The Kahar have now abandoned their traditional occupation of palanquin bearing, and are now mainly a community of agriculturists. They now cultivate paddy, wheat, jute and vegetables.
  • UltimateHits Limited was also a subsidiary of All Around the World Productions, hence NOW Music (Greatest Hits TV's replacement, now Now 80s) is an AATW channel.

  • His other restorations include the town hall of Lőcse (now Levoča, Slovakia) and churches at Ákos (now Acâș in Romania), Karcsa and Pozsony (now Bratislava, Slovakia).
  • During his year in France, his friends included Montague Don (now a BBC presenter) and Ernst Brunner (now a Swedish poet and novelist); and at Harvard, Mira Nair (now a film-maker) and Julie Agoos (now a poet).
  • Some of the barrios that formerly comprised Paniqui were "San Roque", now Cuyapo; "Barong", now Gerona; "San Jose De Camiling", now Camiling; "Bani", now Ramos; "San Ramon", now Moncada; and Anao.
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