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NOUN   a nuance | nuances
VERB   to nuance | nuanced | nuanced
nuancing | nuances
SYNO nicety | nuance | refinement | ...
to nuance sth.etw.Akk. nuancieren
nuanceAbstufung {f}
nuanceSchattierung {f}
nuance [a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound]Nuance {f} [kleiner Unterschied, Abschattung]
nuance [shade or small amount]Kleinigkeit {f}
nuance [of a word]
Abschattung {f} [geh.] [selten] [Nuance, Schattierung]
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  • Nuance {f} = shade
  • Nuance {f} [kleiner Unterschied, Abschattung] = nuance [a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound]
  • (um) eine Nuance zu laut = a shade too loud
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • "Unincorporated" is a 2001 studio album by Earl Harvin Trio. The album includes a variety of styles extending beyond jazz "layering rhythmic textures and harmonic nuance".
  • The following adds context and nuance to the basic definitions.
  • "La mystérieuse nuance de bleu", transl. Gilles Robel, Paris, Métailié, 2022.
  • "Quite a solo feat. He lent each role a certain shading, using nuance, inflection…" -Indian Express.
  • Debussy marks in the text that "Pagodes" should be played "presque sans nuance", or "almost without nuance."

  • Synonyms often express a nuance of meaning or are used in different registers of speech or writing.
  • Overall, their main function is to provide nuance to the aspectual marker they are being used alongside.
  • This fine nuance is not encountered in other Romance languages, which do not go to such lengths to distinguish between passives and similar-sounding phrases.
  • Jonathan Holland of "ScreenDaily" assessed that "the veteran Manver delivers a masterclass in nuance as a quietly-spoken, humble and repressed woman undergoing a violent inner transformation".
  • Writing in "The New York Times", Roxane Gay offered measured praise for Oates's ambition but criticized the novel for its "lack of empathy" and "utter disregard for nuance", singling out inaccuracies in Oates's rendition of African-American Vernacular English.

  • From 2001 to 2008, the declaration of political nuance "without label" is no longer authorized by the Ministry of the Interior and the nuance "various centers" does not exist, the candidates and lists presenting themselves as "without label" or "Centrists" were then classified as "various right" (DVD) or "various left" (DVG) according to the political tendency declared or supposed closest.
  • The elector can evaluate each candidate with great nuance. This distinguishes the usual judgment from approval voting, which allows only two answers.
  • Another nuance is that Lowland Scotch malts used a triple distillation just like Irish whiskey, breaking away from the general rule that all Scotch is double distilled.
  • It tends to express a certain nuance of obligation and a certain nuance of future tense, much like the expression "to be to".
  • Willi Goetschel argues that Jacobi's publication significantly shaped Spinoza's wide reception for centuries following its publication, obscuring the nuance of Spinoza's philosophic work.

  • The nuance of this character applies to both printing and handwriting forms.
  • The name of his production company, Nuance Productions, is inspired by one of his lines in the film "Diner", where his character explains his discomfort with the word "nuance".
  • Chilean pink color is a shade of Chilean pink flower ("Lapageria r." specie), resembling light pale red-orange, pale vermilion nuance.
  • His voice was described as a particularly beautiful bass voice, especially in the higher register; he was also praised for his phrasing and nuance.
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