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NOUN   a nuance | nuances
VERB   to nuance | nuanced | nuanced
nuancing | nuances
nuancesFeinheiten {pl}
nuancesAbstufungen {pl}
nuancesZwischentöne {pl}
nuancesNuancen {pl}
full of nuances {adj} [postpos.]nuancenreich
to give sth. subtle nuancesetw.Akk. nuancieren
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Several groups of colors share the same lightness or brightness and saturation. These "nuances" differ only by hue.
  • There are several synonyms that refer to human positioning, often used interchangeably, but having specific nuances of meaning.
  • There are also many minor strategies that play on the nuances of how the buildings interact.
  • In practice, floating-point numbers are typically used, which have even more computational nuances because they are not equally spaced.
  • Energy poverty is a complex issue that is sensitive to the nuances of the culture, time, and space of a region.

  • Even with a high-quality digital sampler, the resulting sounds will not contain the complex nuances of a live orchestral performer.
  • Housed in a 1940 Works Progress Administration-funded building, the museum is built of stone, with Pueblo Revival nuances.
  • Departing from that, MariaDB and MySQL ship with some replication support, each of them with different nuances.
  • This can be further complicated when dealing with spoken French (when some orthographical nuances are lost).
  • Note that these translations are glosses, and may not reflect certain nuances or rare alternative meanings.

  • Vincent Perez helped Yelena Podkaminskaya and Nikita Tarasov master all the nuances of French pronunciation.
  • In "The Revenge of Love", the literary dimension of Cagna was enriched by realistic derivations and nuances.
  • Classical singer Girija Devi said it was an irreparable loss, and Maharaj knew the nuances of tabla like no other artist.
  • He is known for the "dayras", folk songs and classical nuances.
  • Like most cases designed for mock trials, "State v. Stone" has many nuances.

  • Moreira advocated for centralized strategies and concepts, but localized execution that reflects cultural nuances.
  • The "Los Angeles Times" called it "a beautifully made movie of nuances".
  • Khengkha is an oral language without a writing system, making tones and nuances important during communication.
  • In this section the nuances or the semantics in relation to specific words will be explained.
  • The climate can be characterized as a plain climate, at the limit of interference between the western subtype with oceanic nuances and the Banat subtype with sub-Mediterranean nuances.

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