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o'erclouded {adj} {past-p} [poet.]umwölkt [Stirn]
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Übersetzung für 'o'erclouded' von Englisch nach Deutsch

o'erclouded {adj} {past-p} [poet.]
umwölkt [Stirn]
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  • O'Shea is one of the fighting O'Shea brothers along with Rory O'Shea, Mike O'Shea and Tom O'Shea.
  • Seven species are rare: "O. carneum", "O. fruticans", "O. heterosepalum", "O. macradenium", "O. nitens", "O. pustulatum" and "O. racemosum".
  • O'Leary founded O'Leary Ventures, a private early-stage venture capital investment company, O'Leary Mortgages, O'Leary books, and O'Leary Fine Wines. In April 2014, O'Leary Mortgages closed.
  • Art. 171.- El que ejecutare o hiciere ejecutar an otros actos lúbricos o de exhibición obscena, o indecorosa, en lugar público o expuesto al público o bien ante menores de dieciocho años de edad o deficientes mentales, será sancionado con prisión de dos a cuatro años.
  • O'Beirne was married to Army Lt. Col. James O'Beirne. O'Beirne had two sons, Philip O'Beirne and John O'Beirne. In 2016, O'Beirne was diagnosed with lung cancer. On April 23, 2017, she died at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C.
  • "Ocypode" currently contains 21 valid species. The ghost crab formerly known as "O. occidentalis" was transferred to its own genus "Hoplocypode" in 2013. "O. longicornuta", "O. platytarsis", "O. pygoides" and "O. sinensis" were determined to be synonyms of "O. ceratophthalma", "O. brevicornis", "O. convexa" and "O. cordimanus" respectively.
  • Some species grow in sandy deserts ("O. jamesii"), on alpine slopes (such as "O. weberi", "O. crymophile" and "O. thompsonii"), "O. virginensis", "O. rugulosa" and "O. semiglabra" can tolerate clay soils, but no species grows in moist and undrained soils.
  • 9. … Bb7 10. a3 e5 11. O-O-O Qe7 12. Kb1 a6 13. Nc1 O-O-O 14. Nb3 exd4!
  • O'Culachain (O'Colahan), O'Gormog, Murrays, Ó Móráin, O'Learghusa and O'Tierney families were septs of Conmaicne Carra. The Ó Móráin and O'Tierney surnames appear in other Conmaicne territories.
  • O'Malley was born in 1964 to Una O'Higgins O'Malley, a writer, and Eoin O'Malley, a heart surgeon. She has five brothers, including Chris O'Malley.
  • The monastery's first two priors, Clement Smyth, O.C.S.O. and James O'Gorman, O.C.S.O., were both later named bishops.
  • Therefore, White retracts 1.O-O-O! By castling first, White proves that Black cannot castle. Now White must remake the battery on the d-file to give mate, which seems possible via either 1.O-O-O or 1.Rd1. But the latter fails to the enemy g-pawn: 1.Rd1 g3! and the threat of 2...gxf2+! costs White a move. Hence, White retracts 1.O-O-O and plays 1.O-O-O!
  • Five subgenera are recognized: "Ophiceras (Ophiceras)", "O. (Acanthophiceras)", "O. (Discophiceras)", "O. (Lytophiceras)", "O. (Metophiceras)".
  • "O 23", "O 24", "O 26" and "O 27" by "R.D.M, Rotterdam" and "O 25" also in Rotterdam at "Fijenoord" shipyard.
  • Other such members of his family would include Flann Óc mac Séoan Ó Domhnalláin, Flann Óge Ó Domhnalláin, Mael Sechlainn Ó Domhnalláin, Pádhraic Ó Domhnalláin, Padraig Ó Domhnallain, Ainglioch Ó Dónalláin and Seosamh Ó Dónalláin.
  • Donnchadh submitted to Ua Conchobair after the siege of Cork city on Saint Brigid's Day 1127, along with O'Mahony, O'Donoghue, O'Keef, O'Bric, O Conchobhair Ciarraige.
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