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NOUN   an oak wood parquet | oak wood parquets
oak wood parquetEichenholzparkett {n}
oak parquetEichenparkett {n}
oak mosaic parquetEiche-Mosaik-Parkett {n}
oak mosaic parquetEiche-Mosaikparkett {n}
wood parquet
Holzparkett {n}
cedar wood parquetZedernholzparkett {n}
prefinished wood parquetFertigparkett {n}
oak woodwasp / wood-wasp / wood wasp [Xiphydria longicollis]
Eichenholzwespe {f}
oak (wood)
Eiche {f} [Holz]
oak wood
Eichenholz {n}
oak wood
Eichenwald {m}
oak (wood) coffinEichenholzsarg {m}
oak wood sculpture
Eichenholzskulptur {f}
oak (wood) boardEichenholzbrett {n}
oak wood sculpture
Eichenholz-Skulptur {f}
oak (wood) casket [Am.]Eichenholzsarg {m}
pieces of oak woodEichenholzstücke {pl}
oak (wood) shavings­ [used in wine making]
Eichenholzspäne {pl} [bei der Weinherstellung verwendet]
oak wood ambrosia beetle [Xyloterus signatus, syn.: Trypodendron signatum]
Eichennutzholzborkenkäfer / Eichennutzholz-Borkenkäfer {m}
parquetParkett {n}
mosaic parquetMosaikparkett {n}
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  • "The Tazza", one of the largest pieces of malachite in North America, stands as the focal point in the center of the main reading room, which features parquet wood floors, paneling and bookshelves of oak, and large windows that overlook the south lawn.
  • The residential units had hard wood finishing, parquet oak floors, and frescos on most walls and ceilings.
  • The chapel includes a 16th-century font and a fine parquet floor, made using wood from the estate, in the style of original tile-work.
  • The parquet floors and the doors were made of different precious types of wood.
  • Oak parquet has been preserved in several rooms, which reveals various and different pattern compositions in each room: in the reception room on the first floor, the parquet is in the pattern of a chessboard, while the parquet in the hall contains star-type marquetry.

  • Part of the top floor were made into three rooms, finished in neo-classical style with partly coffered ceilings, tall panels, and patterned parquet floors.
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