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NOUN   an oak wreath | oak wreaths
oak wreathEichenkranz {m}
wreathGewinde {n} [Kranz, Gebinde]
Blumengewinde {n} [Kranz, Gebinde]
wreathGebinde {n} [Blumenkranz]
wreathKranz {m}
funeral wreathTotenkranz {m}
wreath maker
Kranzbinder {m}
laurel wreathLorbeerkranz {m}
ivy wreathEfeukranz {m}
bay wreathLorbeerkranz {m}
laurel wreathSiegerkranz {m}
small wreathKränzchen {n}
Advent wreath
Adventkranz {m} [österr.]
myrtle wreathMyrtenkranz {m}
fir wreathTannenkranz {m}
wreath-like {adj} {adv}kranzförmig
Christmas wreathWeihnachtskranz {m}
rose wreath
Rosenkranz {m}
wedding wreathHochzeitskranz {m}
funeral wreathTrauerkranz {m}
wreath money
Kranzgeld {n}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The medallion at the bottom of the badge consists of an oak wreath and a shield.
  • The coats of arms can form a badge, for this use being represented in a round shield surrounded by a laurel wreath in "dexter" and an oak wreath in "sinister", topped by the aeronautical coronet and the crest.
  • The reverse follows an identical pattern differing only in size and the denomination. It features an oak wreath surrounding the denomination and the year (1835).
  • Every year the laureate of the festival is awarded an oak wreath.
  • Mint Director James Ross Snowden selected the Indian Head design and chose a laurel wreath for the reverse, that was replaced in 1860 by an oak wreath with a shield.

  • The crest depicts an ancient bull with an oak wreath, as appeared in an ancient coin (238–168 BC) of the Epirote League plus the word "ΑΠΕΙΡΩΤΑΝ" meaning "people of Epirus".
  • The "Bavaria" statue's attributes of bearskin, oak wreath and sword can be relatively easily interpreted as a consequence of the political and art history context of its genesis, but an interpretation of the lion is more problematic.
  • The reverse of the medal bears the word, "FOR MERIT" surrounded by an oak wreath of two branches, the stems joined at the bottom by a bow.
  • The emblem the 8th Infantry Division is a bull within an oak wreath, taken from 3rd-century BC coins of the Epirote League.
  • The entire cross is surrounded by an oak wreath, tied at the cardinal points.

  • Surrounding the image is a gold oak wreath. The reverse bears the inscription "ЗА БЛАГОДЕЯНИЕ" ("FOR CHARITY") and the number of the award.
  • The reverse had the denomination and year in plain type in an oak wreath.
  • Below the figures at the base of the pedestals are two flags crossed with olive branches, and there is an oak wreath of leaves and acorns in the center.
  • In August 1942 he was awarded the Military Order of the Iron Trefoil 4th Class Cross with Oak Wreath.
  • Army ("Heer") and air force ("Luftwaffe") junior officers' insignia are four pointed silver stars while field grade officers wear silver (black or white on camouflage uniforms) stars and an oak wreath around the lowest star.

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