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of one singleeines einzelnen
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every single one (of them)(alle) durch die Bank [ugs.]
every single one of themjedes einzelne von ihnen
no single onekein Einziger {m}
one single roomein einziges Zimmer {n}
every single onejeder Einzelne {m}
no single one [neuter]kein Einziges {n}
no single one [female]keine Einzige {f}
not a single one [female]keine Einzige {f}
not a single one [neuter]kein Einziges {n}
during one / a single breath-hold
während eines einzelnen (angehaltenen) Atemzugs
single-handed {adj} [unaided, by one's own effort]ohne Hilfe [nachgestellt]
not a single one [referring to a masculine noun]kein Einziger {m}
In some countries there is only one / a single political party. In einigen Staaten gibt es nur eine Einheitspartei.
single-root / single-rooted tooth
Zahn {m} mit einer Wurzel
to take one's wallet out of one's pocketseine Brieftasche aus der Tasche ziehen
to be in one of one's moods [coll.] [idiom] seine fünf Minuten haben [ugs.] [Redewendung] [unbeherrscht / unleidlich sein]
one-hundredth of one per cent [1/10000]1/100 von einem Prozent [1/10000]
single year of ageEinzelalter {n}
single certificate of exemptionEinzelausnahmegenehmigung {f}
spruing of single crowns
Anstiften {n} von Einzelkronen
single point of contact <SPOC>zentrale Anlaufstelle {f}
single-camera mode of production
Ein-Kamera-Verfahren {n}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In some versions of Gaia philosophy, all lifeforms are considered part of one single living planetary being called "Gaia".
  • The standard NATO symbol for a "squad" consists of one single dot (●) placed above a framed unit icon.
  • For example, a 7-bit wide parallel bus serialized into a single pair that will operate at 7 times the data rate of one single-ended channel.
  • The song marked the birth of the all-archipelago nationalist movement in Indonesia that supported the idea of one single "Indonesia" as successor to the Dutch East Indies, rather than split into several colonies.
  • There is no equivalent mound of broken grain or wine amphorae and the overwhelming majority of the amphorae found at Monte Testaccio are of one single type, which raises the question of why the Romans found it necessary to dispose of the amphorae in this way.

  • However, while Bolivia did not think of the creation of one single State, Gamarra believed in the incorporation of the Bolivian territory under a single Peruvian nation.
  • , since every output pair is referring to the contacts of one single person.
  • It is thought that this replacement set of images is where both the nine partial fragments cut from seven engravings and the whole image of one single engraving in the Biritish Museum have come from.
  • However, this list ranks ballrooms based on the size of one single open space with a hardwood floor.
  • From a mathematical point of view, a function of "n" arguments can always be considered as a function of one single argument which is an element of some product space.

  • Points of a compass would be set at varying distances in order to see at what distance are the points of the compass perceived as two separate points instead of one single point.
  • First of all a sub-field dictionary is an example of a very specialized dictionary in that it covers only a limited part of one single subject field.
  • This means that, instead of one single table, we potentially need a separate table for each possible set of values.
  • Krona's experiment made it a multiverse instead of one single universe.
  • Absence of one single consistent framework for applying fair value measurements and developing a reliable estimate of a fair value in the absence of quoted prices has created inconsistencies and incomparability.

  • As of June 2015, the Aviogenex consisted of one single Boeing 737-200. The historic fleet of Aviogenex included 12 Tupolev Tu-134, and 5 Boeing 727.
  • determine the nature of one single atom seen on a metal surface and selected from neighboring atoms at the discretion of the observer”.
  • The government is not formed of one single party, but made of multiple independent members.
  • The effect of these procedures is the selection of one single variety out of the many varieties that characterize everyday speech and behavior.
  • Due to the narrowness of the valley, the village consists principally of one single long street which runs [...] between the valley head and the sea.

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