Übersetzung für 'of passion' von Englisch nach Deutsch
of passion {adv}aus Leidenschaft
3 Wörter: Andere
devoid of passion {adj} [postpos.]leidenschaftslos
3 Wörter: Substantive
abundance of passionÜberschwang {m} der Leidenschaft
burst of passionAusbruch {m} der Leidenschaft
crime of passionMord {m} aus Eifersucht
crime of passion
Verbrechen {n} aus Leidenschaft
delirium of passionÜberschwang {m} der Leidenschaft
fit of passionAusbruch {m} von Leidenschaft
heyday of passion [archaic]Sturm {m} der Leidenschaft
Passion of Christ
Leiden {n} Christi
passion of tearsAusbruch {m} von Tränen
4 Wörter: Substantive
a passion of weepingein Ausbruch {m} in Tränen
instruments of the Passion
Passionswerkzeuge {pl}
instruments of the Passion [Arma Christi]
Leidenswerkzeuge {pl}
mastery of a passionZügelung {f} einer Leidenschaft
prediction of the passion [of Christ]
Leidensankündigung {f} [Christi]
the throes of passiondie Qualen {pl} der Leidenschaft
violence of a passionGewalt {f} einer Leidenschaft
5+ Wörter: Andere
in the heat of passion {adv}
im Affekt
in the heat of passion {adj} [postpos.]
im Affekt [nachgestellt]
5+ Wörter: Verben
to break into a passion of tearsin heftiges Weinen ausbrechen
5+ Wörter: Substantive
Passion of St. / Saint George
Georgspassion {f}
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
A Dream of Passion [Jules Dassin]
Traum einer Leidenschaft
Passion of Mind [Alain Berliner]
Tiefe der Sehnsucht
The Passion of the Christ [Mel Gibson]
Die Passion Christi
passionLust {f}
passionLeidenschaft {f}
Passion {f}
passionFeurigkeit {f}
passion-driven {adj}lustgetrieben
Passion (narrative)
Passionsgeschichte {f}
fleeting passionkurze Leidenschaft {f}
passion play
Passionsspiel {n}
collecting passionSammelleidenschaft {f}
Passion Sunday
Passionssonntag {m}
without passion {adj}lau [menschliches Verhalten]
raging passionrasende Leidenschaft {f}
passion narrative
Passionsbericht {m}
Passion cantata
Passionskantate {f}
concentrated passiongeballte Leidenschaft {f}
passion oratorio
Passionsoratorium {n}
wild passionnicht zu bändigende Leidenschaft {f}
motet Passion
motettische Passion {f}
passion [suffering]
Leidensgeschichte {f}
passion [fancy]Faible {n} [geh.]
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Übersetzung für 'of passion' von Englisch nach Deutsch

of passion {adv}
aus Leidenschaft

devoid of passion {adj} [postpos.]

abundance of passion
Überschwang {m} der Leidenschaft
burst of passion
Ausbruch {m} der Leidenschaft
crime of passion
Mord {m} aus Eifersucht

Verbrechen {n} aus Leidenschaftlaw
delirium of passion
Überschwang {m} der Leidenschaft
fit of passion
Ausbruch {m} von Leidenschaft
heyday of passion [archaic]
Sturm {m} der Leidenschaft
Passion of Christ
Leiden {n} Christirelig.
passion of tears
Ausbruch {m} von Tränen

a passion of weeping
ein Ausbruch {m} in Tränen
instruments of the Passion
Passionswerkzeuge {pl}relig.
instruments of the Passion [Arma Christi]
Leidenswerkzeuge {pl}artrelig.
mastery of a passion
Zügelung {f} einer Leidenschaft
prediction of the passion [of Christ]
Leidensankündigung {f} [Christi]bibl.
the throes of passion
die Qualen {pl} der Leidenschaft
violence of a passion
Gewalt {f} einer Leidenschaft

in the heat of passion {adv}
im Affektlaw
in the heat of passion {adj} [postpos.]
im Affekt [nachgestellt]law

to break into a passion of tears
in heftiges Weinen ausbrechen

Passion of St. / Saint George
Georgspassion {f}relig.

A Dream of Passion [Jules Dassin]
Traum einer LeidenschaftfilmF
Passion of Mind [Alain Berliner]
Tiefe der SehnsuchtfilmF
The Passion of the Christ [Mel Gibson]
Die Passion ChristifilmF

Lust {f}

Leidenschaft {f}

Passion {f}artmus.relig.

Feurigkeit {f}
passion-driven {adj}
Passion (narrative)
Passionsgeschichte {f}bibl.
fleeting passion
kurze Leidenschaft {f}
passion play
Passionsspiel {n}theatre
collecting passion
Sammelleidenschaft {f}
Passion Sunday
Passionssonntag {m}relig.
without passion {adj}
lau [menschliches Verhalten]
raging passion
rasende Leidenschaft {f}
passion narrative
Passionsbericht {m}bibl.
Passion cantata
Passionskantate {f}mus.relig.
concentrated passion
geballte Leidenschaft {f}
passion oratorio
Passionsoratorium {n}mus.relig.
wild passion
nicht zu bändigende Leidenschaft {f}
motet Passion
motettische Passion {f}mus.
passion [suffering]
Leidensgeschichte {f}lit.relig.
passion [fancy]
Faible {n} [geh.]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Over the next ten months, he revised "The Ruffian on the Stair" and "The Erpingham Camp" for the stage as a double called "Crimes of Passion", wrote "Funeral Games", the screenplay "Up Against It" for the Beatles, and his final full-length play, "What the Butler Saw".
  • The series portrays the daily lives of two detectives who solve sexually-based crimes of passion ("silk stalkings") among the ultra-rich of Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Despite her flaws, she had an exquisite vocal technique combined with an astonishing degree of passion.
  • Several species of passion flower are infected by several species of "Septoria", and a fungus, which has been going by the name "Septoria passiflorae" but which is probably an undescribed species, has been used to control the invasive "Passiflora tarminiana" in Hawai'i.
  • A reasonably priced zine has a guaranteed audience, as is the culture of passion in being a football fan.

  • Although Precrime has eliminated nearly all premeditated murders during its six-year existence, spontaneous crimes of passion called "red ball" killings (which give police an hour or less to stop the murder) still occur.
  • She is unable to resist his seductive charms and agrees to drug her mother with a sleeping draught and meet him for a night of passion.
  • The two figures are roughly life-size, and a number of specific personal, political or philosophic interpretations have been proposed to expand on the basic meaning of the submission of passion to reason.
  • This is further underlined by his statement (in a letter) that the black panthers there are 'images of ruined passion' and by his anticipation at the end of the poem of "passion's tide-strown shore / Where the disheveled seaweed hates the sea".
  • Singer Pat Benatar covered the song in 1980 on her "Crimes of Passion" album.

  • By the end of 1981, Mark Kelly had replaced Jelliman, with Pete Trewavas replacing Minnitt in 1982. Minnitt later formed Pride of Passion and went on to perform with Zealey and Moore.
  • Anal sex is understood as a means of expressing commitment to a partner, and in "yaoi", the "apparent violence" of rape is transformed into a "measure of passion".
  • "Pearls of Passion" was re-released internationally in 1997, and included "It Must Have Been Love (Christmas for the Broken Hearted)" as a bonus track.
  • Throughout history, and still today in many countries, laws have provided for extenuating circumstances, partial or complete defenses, for men who killed their wives due to adultery, with such acts often being seen as crimes of passion and being covered by legal defenses such as provocation or defense of family honor.
  • In his book "Trinity of Passion", author Alan M. Wald conjectures that Miller was "a member of a writer's unit of the Communist Party around 1946," using the pseudonym Matt Wayne, and editing a drama column in the magazine "The New Masses".

  • Although the national team has never won a major competition or qualified for a World Cup, there is still lots of passion for the sport and the quality of football is improving.
  • His reserved and stoic nature was easily interpreted to be a lack of passion; Dukakis was often referred to as "Zorba the Clerk".
  • Opponents of adultery laws argue that these laws maintain social norms which justify violence, discrimination and oppression of women; in the form of state sanctioned forms of violence such as stoning, flogging or hanging for adultery; or in the form of individual acts of violence committed against women by husbands or relatives, such as honor killings, crimes of passion, and beatings.
  • As mentioned in "The Player of Games", the Culture does have the occasional "crime of passion" (as described by an Azadian) and the punishment was to be "slap-droned", or to have a drone assigned to follow the offender and "make sure [...] don't do it again".
  • Hardy and Skorobogatov indicate that Voroshilov frequently exerted his influence on the committee toward leniency, especially in the case of those who expressed repentance in their appeal documents and those convicted of crimes of passion or under the influence of alcohol; he judged those convicted of political crimes or acts with financial motives more harshly.

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