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NOUN   an oil burner | oil burners
SYNO oil burner | oil furnace
oil burnerDuftlampe {f}
oil burner
Ölbrenner {m}
oil burner [steam loco]
Lokomotive {f} mit Ölfeuerung
3 Wörter
atomizing oil burner
Ölzerstäubungs­brenner {m}
fragrant oil burnerDuftlampe {f}
oil vaporisation burner [Br.]
Ölverdampfungs­brenner {m}
oil-burner gun
Öllanze {f}
4 Wörter
fan-assisted oil burner
Ölgebläsebrenner {m}
rotary (cup oil) burner
Drehzerstäuberbrenner {m}
burnerFlamme {f} [am Gasherd]
burnerBrenner {m}
special burner
Spezialbrenner {m}
brick burner
Ziegeleiarbeiter {m} [Ziegelbrenner]
atomizing burnerZerstäuber-Brenner-Kombination {f}
atomizing burnerZerstäuberbrenner {m}
incense burnerWeihrauchkessel {m}
alcohol burnerAlkoholbrenner {m}
main burner
Hauptbrenner {m}
DVD burner
DVD-Brenner {m}
regenerative burner
Regenerativbrenner {m}
double burnerDoppelbrenner {m}
industrial burner
Industriebrenner {m}
test burner
Versuchsbrenner {m}
wick burnerDochtbrenner {m}
pilot burnerZündbrenner {m}
induction burner
Induktionskochplatte {f}
incense burnerRäuchergefäß {n}
resin burner
Harzbrenner {m}
coke burnerKoksbrenner {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The cauldron is directly heated by an oil burner of the household type.
  • An oil burner is a heating device which burns #1, #2 and #6 heating oils, diesel fuel or other similar fuels.
  • A wood pellet burner, quite similar to an oil burner, is then used to heat a smoke sauna stove - practically a big pile of rocks.
  • Holden's first oil burner of 1893, "Petrolea," was a class T19 2-4-0 and burned waste oil that the Railway had previously been discharging into the River Lea.
  • 5 was converted to burn coal after only a short career as an oil-burner.

  • Oil burning AGAs can be fitted with a modern pressure jet oil burner in place of the standard wick burner which burns the fuel more efficiently and so reduces oil consumption.
  • The vaporized oil burner was invented in 1901 by Arthur Kitson, and improved by David Hood at Trinity House.
  • The air-heating element can be heated by a small heat pump, by direct solar thermal energy, annualized geothermal solar, or simply by a natural gas or oil burner.
  • The light was further improved in 1894 when a Trinity House-pattern eight-wick heavy mineral oil burner was installed in place of the old oil lamp.
  • Henry Thomas Knott (born 1851) worked through the replacement of colza oil by paraffin and the consequent replacement of old Argand burners with lamps having multiple wicks and then the even brighter incandescent oil burner which converted liquid oil into vapour before combustion.

  • A diesel-powered generator was fitted to operate the oil burner and an electrically-driven feed pump, and a diesel-powered compressor was fitted to power the braking system.
  • In North America, these vessels are called "hot water tanks", and may incorporate an electrical resistance heater, a heat pump, or a gas or oil burner that heats water directly.
  • In 1891 both lights were made much more powerful; the main lamp was replaced with an eight-wick mineral-oil burner, and its character was changed to occulting (being eclipsed for 2.5 seconds every minute).
  • 2 and 8 ran with oil burners. To hold the fuel oil, a tank was fitted to the roof of each locomotive.
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